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I haven’t done one of these in about 10,000 years, so let’s get this show on the road.

This is all true. photo 1264091_10153348891685721_288267917_o.jpg1. Full name: Tracy Angelina Evans
2. Nicknames: Tin, Tinhuviel, George, Darth Shriek
3. Birthplace: Asheville, North Carolina USA
4. Birthday: 10 September, 1967
5. Where Do You Live Now?: San Diego, California
6. Parent(s): Father Unit has passed.  Mother Unit is here in San Diego.
7. Sibling(s): ZERO
8. Looks: Better off invisible.
9. Favourite Animal(s): Anything non-human, except for millipedes and centipedes.  Like humans, they can go fuck themselves.
10. Favorite TV Show(s): Impractical Jokers, Better Call Saul

11. Favorite Kind(s) Of Music: Most everything but Country and Opera.
12. Favorite Movie(s): Sci-Fi, Unusual, Conceptual, Foreign
13. School: Some college, focusing on English and Veterinary Assistance
14. Future School: I’m too old for this question. The Chapel Perilous

15. Future Job: Testing new, effective sleep aids.
16. Boyfriend/Girlfriend: nah
17. Best Buds: I’m a bit of a hermit these days.
18. Favorite Candy: Milk Dud
19. Hobbies: Music, reading, writing
20. Things You Collect: Grudges, CDs, movies, moments in time.

21. Do You Have A Personal Phone Line: Yes
22. Favorite Body Part Of The Opposite Sex? The eyes and brain
23. Any Tattoos And Where Of What?: Red & Black Triskele on right hand, Green Shriekback logo on left hand, Mwanza Flat-headed Agama with green and blue hues instead of pinkish and blue.
24. Piercing(s) And Where?: not anymore
25. What Do You Sleep in?: clothing
26. Do you like Chain Letters: aw HELL NAW.
27. Best Advice: Reality is peripheral.
28. Favorite Quotes: Hope for the best, expect the worst. - Mel Brooks.
29. Non-sport Activity You Enjoy: sleep
30. Dream Car: A transporter

31. Favorite Thing To Do In Spring: Avoid the sun.
32. What’s Your Bedtime: Whenever I’m lucky.
33. Where Do You Shop: Wherever I can.
34. Coke or Pepsi: Cheerwine

35. Favorite Thing(s) To Wear?: Something loose that will allow me to blend into my surroundings.
36. Favorite Subject(s) In School: English and Creative Writing

37. Favorite Color(s): Green, Red, Black
38. Favorite People To Talk To Online: People with brains and a wicked sense of humour that has set them on the road to Hell.

39. Root-Beer or Dr. Pepper? Root beer

40. Do You Shave? I’m too old for that bullshit.

41. Favorite Vacation Spot(s): I don’t do vacations.  My favourite place to BE is England.
42. Favorite Family Member(s): Smidgen
43. Did You Eat Paint Chips When You Were a Kid? WHAT?
44. Favorite CD you own: Currently Without Real String or Fish by Shriekback
45. The ONE Person Who You Hate The Most: Going with an old standard here and saying Pat Robertson.
46. Favorite Food(s)?: Potatoes
47. Who Is The Hottest Guy or Girl In The World?: I have a very short list.
48. What Is Your Favorite Salad Dressing?: Bleu Cheese.
49. When You Die, Do You Wanna Be Buried or Burned Into Ashes? I don’t care, as long as I end up on Craggy Dome.
50. Do You Believe In Aliens?: Absolutely.

51. If You Had The Chance To Professionally Do Something, What would You Do? I’m already a Professional Misanthropist.
52. Things You Obsess Over: Various artists, ideas, philosophies, theories, general weirdness
53. Favorite Day of the Week: Don’t bloody care.
54. An Authority Figure You Hate: The Feudal Mistress still tops the list.
55. Favorite Disney Movie: Bambi
56. What Is Your Favorite Season? Winter
57. What Toppings Do You Like On Your pizza? Cheese, with extra cheese, and cheese on the side.
58. Do You Like Your School Food Itself (As In The District Food): I never ate it.
59. If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would You Live? Avebury, Wiltshire, UK
60. Favorite Thing(s) To Do On Weekends: Sleep, if I can accomplish it.

61. Favorite Magazine(s): Don’t have one.
62. Favorite Flower(s): White rose

63. Favorite Number(s): 5

64. Favorite Ice Cream flavor(s): Ben & Jerry’s Wavy Gravy

65. What Kind of Guys/Girls Are You Attracted to?: Dangerously intelligent, beautiful, talented, and hilarious.

66. What’s Your Most Embarrassing Moment? I inadvertently introduced myself to someone as his wife.

67. If You Could Change One Thing About Yourself What Would It be? I would be fearless.

68. Do You Eat Breakfast First Then Brush Your Teeth or Brush first ten eat breakfast: breakfast first.

69. Favorite Time of Day: Whenever I get to sleep.

70. Can A Guy and Girl Be Just “Best Friends?”: Why not?

71. Do You Ask The Girl/Guy Out Or Do You Wait For Them To Come To You?: I don’t go there anymore.

72. Do You Mind Paying For Sex? I never would.

73. What’s The Most Important thing In Someone’s Personality: Sentience

74. Do you have a pager or cell phone? Cell

75. Favorite Sport: Flambodious Butt-walking

76. What Was the Best Gift You Ever Received? Love

77. How Long Did This Letter Take You To Finish?: Not very long.

78. What Did You Listen To While Completing It?: Electric Light Orchestra’s Alone in the Universe.

79. Are you or would you like to be married in the near future (next 5 years)? NEGATIVE

80. Don’t u just hate how psychics never win the lottery? I hate it more than I don’t win the lottery. I hate psychics, especially the ones who claim to talk to your dead relatives.  They’re grifters who should be drawn and quartered.  The End.

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Wherein [livejournal.com profile] beheretinnitus speaks with the inimitable Barry Andrews and Carl Marsh!
Just click the pic to be taken to the podcast!
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Because technology isn't alarming enough as is. I wonder if you could print out your own 3-D Shriekback for that concert you never got to attend.

by Gerpho
on Sketchfab

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Barry has created a blog on Tumblr, and has written an intriguing bit of Shriek history. It certainly cleared up some of my original assumptions that they were dabblers in the occult.

You can see the original post at the Shriekbackmusic Tumblr, and I am also pasting it here, for the purpose of posterity.

Of Oracles )
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Barry posted this in his Facebook. It's very funny, and very nicely worded.

Rosalina. Woman.

You constantly revile me with your singular lack of vision. Be aware, there is an essential truth and beauty in all things. From the death throes of a speared gazelle to the damaged smile of a freeway homeless. But that does not mean that the invisibility of something implies its lack of being. Though simpleton babies foolishly believe the person before them vanishes when they cover their eyes during a hateful game of peek-a-boo, this is a fallacy. And so it is that the unseen dusty build up that accumulates behind the DVD shelves in the rumpus room exists also. This is unacceptable.

I will tell you this Rosalina, not as a taunt or a threat but as an evocation of joy. The joy of nothingness, the joy of the real. I want you to be real in everything you do. If you cannot be real, then a semblance of reality must be maintained. A real semblance of the fake real, or “real”. I have conquered volcanoes and visited the bitter depths of the earth’s oceans. Nothing I have witnessed, from lava to crustacean, assailed me liked the caked debris haunting that small plastic soap hammock in the smaller of the bathrooms. Nausea is not a sufficient word. In this regard, you are not being real.

Now we must turn to the horrors of nature. I am afraid this is inevitable. Nature is not something to be coddled and accepted and held to your bosom like a wounded snake. Tell me, what was there before you were born? What do you remember? That is nature. Nature is a void. An emptiness. A vacuum. And speaking of vacuum, I am not sure you’re using the retractable nozzle correctly or applying the ‘full weft’ setting when attending to the lush carpets of the den. I found some dander there.

I have only listened to two songs in my entire life. One was an aria by Wagner that I played compulsively from the ages of 19 to 27 at least 60 times a day until the local townsfolk drove me from my dwelling using rudimentary pitchforks and blazing torches. The other was Dido. Both appalled me to the point of paralysis. Every quaver was like a brickbat against my soul. Music is futile and malicious. So please, if you require entertainment while organizing the recycling, refrain from the ‘pop radio’ I was affronted by recently. May I recommend the recitation of some sharp verse. Perhaps by Goethe. Or Schiller. Or Shel Silverstein at a push.

The situation regarding spoons remains unchanged. If I see one, I will kill it.

That is all. Do not fail to think that you are not the finest woman I have ever met. You are. And I am including on this list my mother and the wife of Brad Dourif (the second wife, not the one with the lip thing). Thank you for listening and sorry if parts of this note were smudged. I have been weeping.

Your money is under the guillotine.


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As I slodge through this story, "Feeding the Tree," I have learned the following things:

  1. I am way too fond of Flint for my own good.

  2. I am pretty much incapable of "going all the way" with Cadmus and Flint, although I'm gonna keep trying.

  3. BA does not care one bit how much I corrupt his artsy/craftsy object. "Go nuts," was the sentiment, if memory serves.

  4. The Internet is more a hindrance than an asset when you have anchored characters, because you learn really quickly that anchors can suddenly raise their ugly heads (an expression, not an opinion), and remind you that the world is smaller than a flea these days.

  5. I am unable to write on this story until after the sun goes down.

  6. Writing both Cadmus and Flint at the same time is increasingly a detriment to my mental health.

  7. I think about "Feeding the Tree" more than write on it because...#2.

  8. I should stop doing Google searches on anything, ever. Amen.

In other news, that will make no sense to anyone but me (well, maybe @miintikwa), when offering up a picture of pants, please have some pants on. ::dies::

I think that's it. Now back to wrestling with this story...
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God hates me. Event Horizon came on the TV while I actually got to sleep last night. It woke me up. I looked at the screen, and there was Jason Isaacs. Damn.

Someone posted a picture of a gigantic bat on Facebook. Now, I usually don't notice stuff like this, but this bat had some seriously oversize junk. It could be a porn star.

Speaking of porn, I wonder if anyone else is getting a kick out of the XXX Olympics. Naked volleball, naked sprints, naked swimming, naked everything. Oh, and there'd be a boob competition and a penis size competition. The bat would win.

I watched a Hoarders marathon on TLC yesterday. I am now compelled to sanitise my house and start going through Aunt Tudi's stuff. She was definitely a hoarder. Not a bad one, but bad enough. Why do we need 14 jars of nails? So yeah... I don't want to end up on that show. o_0

I have more Tim Roth Tutorials to post here. I'm up to 111 of them. That's pretty pathetic, but he's been in so many movies, it's hard to stop making the Tutorials. There's so much fantastic material to make them.

A Shriekback fan freaked out when he heard Barry's version of This Big Hush and asked if there was any way he could get Haunted Box of Switches. I asked Barry, and he's sending me a few copies of them. I'm going to give one to the Shriek fan, but I'm selling the others on eBay. I've already sold some of The Y Records Years and sent B over $50. So yeah, that's rolling on nicely.

The body shop told me that Speck (my Smartcar) isn't too badly banged up. They think that Nationwide will just pay to have it repaired. That's a relief. The problem is, I'm kind of leery of driving any distances now. What if I had a seizure on the Blue Ridge Parkway? I'd fly off the mountains and die a horrible death. Then again, I wouldn't be aware of anything, so I'd perish passed out. I just don't want to hurt anyone else.

Okay, that's it for me. Onward and upward.


May. 21st, 2012 09:37 am
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If I am found dead with earbuds in my ears and Twitter on my computer screen, please have these two men arrested, because they will be responsible for my untimely demise. I swear to god, being freaked out so often for so long is causing white crinkly hairs to pop out of my skull and wave about like Beaker's 'do.

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Remember THIS POST from a couple of days back? Well, I got permission from the parties to post the song.

Have a nice day.

Oh, and someone please tell me if it uploaded okay 'cos, like I said, even as I remain consistent in my support of All Things Shriek (and related!), I'm not ever listening to 'Pin' again. Ever. Again. O_O
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The latest Tweetage from Andy Partridge got me to re-pondering one of the Great Mysteries of musical life, and one I often shared with the Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade in '99 and 2000.

It has always been my contention that Andy Partridge was a Jedi and Barry Andrews was a Sith, just from the music they each make. Now, I don't believe that so much anymore, considering some information that has come to light since that time; but the music is still very much Light Side/Dark Side sounding. Here's a fine example.

The Jedi:
"Don't you know, in this new dark age, we're all light."

The Sith:
"I feel our two young deaths so close now, smiling soft and shiny, the blade is sharp and fine, it could just slit us open."

So yeah. To this day, the dichotomy strikes me. They're like the faces of Janus or sommat.


May. 8th, 2012 02:58 pm
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Well, today started out most momentously. First, a track back.

Yesterday, I took a wild hair and Tweeted Andy Partridge, saying:  "Hey you, any more musical collaboration with Barry Andrews in the future?  Love the Monstrance project! :D"

I didn't expect to get an answer. He gets so many Tweets, there's no way Andy Partridge could feasibly answer everyone, and my question wasn't the most popular in the world. There is a contingent on Partridge's page that still holds a grudge against Barry because of the messy break-up of XTC in 1979/1980. I figured I'd be cursed out by strangers, but not ever hear from Partridge himself.

I was wrong.

At 11:55 this morning, I got this Tweet from Andy: "Thanks Tinny.  No, as Barry didn't like the project enough to carry on.  Shame, I thought it truly had merit."

Sucks that Monstrance won't be heard again, and I'm still wondering if B and Andy might work together again on another Shriek album, but the most brain-burning part of his message was his calling me Tinny.

Andy Partridge called me Tinny.

**dies, then comes back to life so that I can die again**
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I started this project in January, teaching myself how to make movies in order to bring this music to everyone. You can see the progression of how I grew from being a complete movie-making moron to being a mere idiot. I'm kind of proud of my dumbass self.

Here's the final song, all thanks to Khanada Taylor and Barry Andrews! And the lyrics gave me the opportunity to feed my Great Mortality fascination. Morbid? Yes. Groovy? I think so.

And here's the full playlist. Actually there's a fourteenth song, but B won't share it with me because his Virgo nature finds it unfit for consumption, even private consumption. How about that?

Hope you enjoy these, and please spread the love! These songs deserve to be heard.
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I'm trying to get my ducks in a row, gathering up various pictures [livejournal.com profile] acook will need for reference, as well as writing up what I envision for the cover of The Augury of Gideon. Then I'm going to tackle some other publishing mountains before me. That aside, though, I found this picture, and it perfectly represents the innocence that defines Faust/Kallum. Scottles is the other half of the Faust/Kallum character, but the picture that best defines that is not published and I'm not gonna be responsible for doing that now. Anyways, here's the James McAvoy picture.


Gotta get this, the Scottles picture, and the picture of B that best represents Cadmus in the third book (I have the perfect one), along with a picture of the actual Augury, and a written description of what I'm seeing, and we'll be good to go. ::crosses fingers::
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I'm writing an explanation about my obsessions, why I have them, and what impact they have made on my life. It has turned out to be gigantic, so much so, I'm gonna have to wait until tomorrow to hopefully finish it. Needless to say, I doubt anyone will bother to read it once they see how long it is.

Bruce McRae is a serious repository of pre-Shriek material. Since he was part of the original Restaurant for Dogs and is now one of the brains behind Thee Caretakers, he has information, music, and photos relevant to folks who are connected to him and to the Shriek Tribe and its satellite bands/artists. That said, I've been working with Bruce and Carlo Asciutti in an attempt to garner some interest in Thee Caretakers. Bruce has been sending me not just Thee Caretakers music, but also old Restaurant for Dogs material. He seemed to be impressed with my work on making the video for The (without the extra 'e') Caretakers' song "Dark Horses," so he's wanting me to make more videos for Thee Caretakers. Not sure if he wants any RFD songs done but, since that was essentially Barry's band of which Bruce and Carlo were a part, I figure we'd both need to get his nod before proceeding. That's down the road somewhere, if it's even on the road. We'll see.

So, in addition to sending me music, he has also sent me pictures of Thee Caretakers and some RFD photies as well. Not sure why he sent this one, but it'd be a nice addition to the Shriek site I'm wanting to reestablish, so that's where it's gonna go eventually. Eventually! I'm pegging this piccie to be circa 1980-81, definitely post XTC. Probably a RFD-related photo, or perhaps part of Fripp's League of Gentlemen. Wherever it came from, B looks like a teeny-tiny tot in this picture. Who knew he'd grow up to destroy the world? Joking.


In other news, I am watching the second season of Lie to Me, and I already have two Tutorials in mind. One especially is going to be great big gobs of fun. So that's my goal for tomorrow, other than going for another orthopaedic follow-up for my knee-knob replacement. Gonna go straight there and straight back, considering I am driving a gas-guzzling tank and I have to go to Greenville on Saturday for Aaron's consecration.

Be sure to check this space tomorrow for the "novel" I'm currently writing. I am pathetic when it comes to all this. Ha Ha.

B and Finn

Apr. 7th, 2012 10:24 am
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Pretty pretty pretty grooveh.

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If there's anything I could do to persuade Barry Andrews to cover this song, just tell me what it is, and I will do it.

Just picture it (auditorially, that is): whisper-growl interlacing with ineffable funk bass. It could be so Vast and Dangerous. Despite my faith in such an unholy marriage, B refuses to walk down that road.

And that's a damned shame.
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It boggles my mind that this footage still exists, and in such excellent shape. Here's a very young XTC performing songs on French television. The footage is circa 1978 and features a very young Andrews on a very abused saxophone. Andy Partridge is already exhibiting what a brilliant individual he would later on become. I needn't say that about Andrews.

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Pardon me, I am a tad intoxicated. Why? This is why!

Starling Murmuration and Toroidal Vortices are, by language default, the exclusive realm of Barry Andrews...or at least they should be.

But noooooooo... Murmuration apparently appears in profound ways in the movie Skellig...and I saw it like a day after I made the Illuminati video for 'Walking on the Wind,' aaaaannndddd toroidal vortices, the focus I made for 'Sea Theory' the pre-Shriek alternate version by Barry Andrews, are also called smoke rings, which can be seen HERE, being made by Tim Roth.

The very phrase, TOROIDAL VORTICES, belongs to the realm of Andrews. How could it not?

Is it any wonder why Cadmus wants to wipe the Earth clean of Flint? Hell, I want to! It's fucking my shit up, these connections. Stop it already.
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When the Digicon mailing list was in its heyday back in 2000-2001, we always had a Song of the Week. One week, the song 'Evaporation' was featured. Very rarely did I offer up my own interpretation of any songs when presiding over the mailing list. I left that to everyone else. But that week, Derk posted the SOTW, so I felt more comfortable letting my thoughts be known, especially since it was always one of my favourites. I did not realise that the archives are still present online, and I found the interpretation that was written in April, 2001.

I hear this song and am now reading the words for the first time…..and am stricken with a feeling that can’t properly be verbalised ~ but I’ll try..For me, ‘Evaporation’ is a tapestry of the bittersweetness of the undeniability of Love and how it so often comingles with Death or the idea of Death.  It’s the drawing into something else as the origination dissipates…becoming and unbecoming simultaneously. A love that kills the self by letting the adored one inside the essence of You, making you more whole than ever imagined, but releasing all that you are into Everything. Light within the deepest Dark, a blinding shelter ~ content with silence since touch is the most intimate and honest tongue, and one needs no other sense in the arms of desire. The spark of Life in the stillness. Something so extreme that it transforms into its own opposite and, in so doing, neither polarity exists but in the other.  The ascent of joy into the realm of Death as defined by passion (la petite mort ~ the infamous ‘little death’) ~ a succumbing to the natural proclivity for union and the immersion of Self in an Other ~ there’s no choice but for us to love and release and die in order to love again. It’s as certain as a bird will take flight.

Apparently, someone sent the interpretation to Barry. It was probably Derk, since he was only one of two people with whom I shared Barry's email address. Barry emailed me, saying that he read the interpretation and that I got it right. Then he offered up the background of the song, saying that he was mellowed out by a bottle of wine and the words that had been shared with him. So, this is what he wrote. It ended up on the site, with his permission. Most everyone thought it was pretty groovy.


It was 82 and Viv and I were living at Burghley Rd (Carl and Jo upstairs).

The basement was inhabited by Mr. Paul Scrivens (a very old man indeed - with an old man's name - a watchmaker and heavy smoker). Mr. Scrivens had been finally moved out to some place where they could keep an eye on the poor old sod. He'd started pissing on the bedroom floor because his legs were too dicky to make it to the toilet down the corridor. Viv - a keen collector-of-things - wanted to get down there upon his leaving and I was curious about his set-up down there. Neither of us was disappointed: there were many objects recalling Paul's non Old-Bloke past - long locks of his ex-wife's hair laid on the mantelpiece - a book of Shelley with a sexy (for 1940) dedication..all his watchmaking gear - he was a skilled geezer - oh loads of stuff. The local squatters kept up a steady ant-like procession through the back windows for a week or so after. We got some nice little crystal bottles; a few books. And there he was gone. He was precarious at the time - there's no way he's still alive. It was a moment of Looking at It: Death. Love. Loss. All that. I had a night job dismantling shelves up in Hendon and while Viv slept and I organised myself to go to work at midnight I stooped over the cassette machine playing the groove from the studio (working title: 'quizzical little bastards' because we thought the toms sounded like curious prairie dogs in a wildlife doco) and I wrote 'Evaporation' full of Mr. Scrivens' life and death and lost lovers - the huge vacuum beneath us in his vacated flat, which you couldn't help but picture yourself in at some much later date. The night, the empty rooms - only dust and rubbish left, really now. It doesn't take long to disappear. That was it.

I'm still really pleased with that tune ~

Lee Perry was the presiding spirit, of course (Dub that you can't dance to - you can only lie down to) and the tune could be Ecclesiastical or Celtic - killer combination. And the smouldering vocoder which flickers around the voice and allows me to sing a melody I'd otherwise be embarrassed to sing. We played it to Groucho Smykle, the Reggae producer who did Jam Science and he turned it up on the big speakers at Island so you could really feel Dave's huge bass-line (all the huger for being so gentle) and he said approvingly 'dis ya Bad Music'. Bad and Sad, I thought. That's the human condition for you..

~Andrews (6 April, 2001)

He very rarely offered up explanations to the songs, preferring people to draw their own conclusions, so this was a pretty important departure.

I don't think I ever wrote another interpretation of a Shriek song.


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