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I talked to my counselor Rosa about Llew today. It took me a good twenty minutes of our hour together to get out the whole sad story of 2008, and how I believe he killed himself. I told her that, whilst I didn't grieve over his loss as I might would have had he not been a prat and went missing in 2005, I still felt a pang of guilt that I would not let him come back to the house after he'd exhausted all his avenues in Pennsylvania. Rosa gave me some perspective on the whole megillah, stressing that the guilt about this situation should go with Llew because what he did, if he did indeed commit suicide, was a spiteful and childish act, especially how he went about it (emailing me on Christmas Eve). She also gave me some exercises to use when my mind begins to wonder in those dark places regarding Llew's death. For the first time, I left our therapy session feeling better than when I walked in. I don't go back to see Rosa for a month. Progress!


Aug. 5th, 2010 11:08 am
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I feel like I'm even more of a freak than usual. I see all the people on TV, not to mention the folks online, who are connected to another person, speaking of love and devotion. All of it seems alien to me. I appreciate friendship and feel a close kinship to a handful of people, but I have no interest in romance. I was heading in that direction when Llew was still with us. I didn't even want him touching me. When he left, I barely cried. I'm more remorseful now than I was when he went to Pennsylvania, because it bothers me that he died lonely and alone. Now, I have no interest whatsoever in getting involved romantically with another person. If it never happened again, it would be too soon. Is this part of my depression, or possibly a hormonal influence? I don't know and, frankly, I don't really care.


Jun. 27th, 2010 04:17 pm
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Two years ago this month (on the 14th), Llew made his choice to go to Pennsylvania to be with his daughter. I can understand familial connections up to a point, being a tad sociopathic, but I could not understand his desire to be with someone who had repeatedly shown a lack of loyalty and decency when it came to her father. I did not beg him to stay here. I offered the promise of a family unit, especially if he found a job and contributed to the household, as I was attempting to do. But his mind was made and off he drove, leaving behind his old computer, a bevy of books on our universe, and some sweat pants.

I got word of his gradual disintegration after Melanie kicked him out via his friend Dee, who was in contact with him. For a while he was committed to a mental institution because of his suicidal inclinations. After a few days, they released him to the street.

Being homeless was his greatest fear and he'd told me unequivocally that he would take his own life before he ended up homeless again. I told him that, if he went to Pennsylvania, he would end up homeless because his daughter is the Queen Bitch from Hell. He ignored me.

I found out a year later that Llew went through with his plan he emailed me on Christmas Eve of 2008. He killed himself, dying in the hospital on January 1, 2009.

There's not a day I don't think of Llew and nurse guilty thoughts that he finally left combined with agonising over not trying harder to save him. I don't know how he killed himself, but I can imagine that he found that wooden doorway to paradise, which is where he deserved to go, especially after the moments of heartache and heartbreak that made up the majority of his life. I just wish I didn't feel so haunted by him.

I'd like a day that's devoid of Llew Boyd's ghost.
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I got confirmation today of something I've known in my bones for a very long time. Llew is dead. He wrote me on the 23rd of December 2008, telling me that he was planning on killing himself. This had been the umpteenth letter like this I'd gotten from him and I'd actually contacted authorities in the town he was in in Pennsylvania, asking them to try to find him. I did everything I could short of letting him come back to my home, which was no longer an option for him. When he left to go to Pennsylvania in the Summer of 2008, I told him then that it was a permanent departure, there was no turning back. He chose to leave anyway.

Dear Tracy
I hope you didn't delete this as soon as you saw it. I wouldnt blame you if you did. I am out of options and money. I make no threat here, only state facts. Sorry I left you like everyone else. I am not the man you thought I was. I didn't know my limitations either. Sorry. You deserve so much better. It has turned into a disaster for me and I must pay the price. I have lost every friend I ever had including my daughter so I hope you go on as I had never existed. It's a new world ful of people and there is no room left for old fucks like me. Relaity sucks anyway and I am so damned tired of it all.
The state has given me $50 to "Return to SC." As If.......
there is no point so I won't even think of it. Thank you for caring too much . It is soooo your way. Bless ya, lassie. You will be the one I see when I close my eyes. There is no room in my heart for any other.

And so this chapter is closed for good. I hope he has finally found the peace in death he never could find in life.
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I just called the sheriff's department in Binghamton to give them all the information I know about Llew and the Bitch Daughter. They said they'd be on the lookout for him and to call them back in a couple of days to see if there are any leads.

Tonight is the night if it can be prevented at all.
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After filling out way too many applications, taking a 10-key test that gave me one error our of 26k strokes, and driving not quite 150 miles, I'm cooked. Right now, I don't really care if I ever get another job. I'm ready to put a lily on my chest and start playing one of those cartoon harps.

No word from Llew.


Nov. 24th, 2008 07:32 pm
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And the last I'll be mentioning of it unless I find his obituary somewhere online.

I love you Llew
I always did
I always will
What else can be said?
I can't help myself, much less you.
I would if I could, you know that I would.
I wish you hadn't left me.
Everyone always does.
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Sick sick sick of it. No more. Edging more open with each injustice, my eyes are wide once more.


Jun. 20th, 2008 04:58 pm
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After not hearing from Llew since he called to let me know he'd made it to Pennsylvania, I caved and dialed his number today. It turns out that the day after he arrived in Pennsylvania, he collapsed and was hurried to the hospital and he's been there ever since. According to him, they haven't figured out what's wrong with him yet, but they have done a bunch of tests, including a stress test. I told him I'd call him back over the weekend to see how he's doing and I stressed to him to make his family take care of him after he gets out of the hospital.

I'm so fearful for him. I just have the foreboding feeling that he's gonna end up very sick, homeless, and without anyone to be there for him. And there's nothing I can do. Nothing at all. It's a horrible feeling to love someone who makes all the wrong choices and places himself in harm's way. It's like he has a death wish or no capacity for self preservation.
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Llew just called to let me know he made it safely to Pennsylvania. It's somewhere near Allentown, or so I understand. At this point, I don't much care. Just glad he's there safely and I hope his daughter doesn't screw him over like she's oh so prone to do. He may have been in a long line of people to abandon me, but no one deserves to be abused, especially by their one and only child.

I used to make these friends-only posts, but why bother?

This is your get-out-of-jail-free card. If don't want to read my rants and ravings, please defriend me now. I'm not in a very charitable mood at the mo. So there you have it.
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They're always the ones to suffer, and it's so unfair. Chester and Riley, in particular, have wandered about the house all evening, trying to figure out why their friend Llew hasn't come home yet, why he wasn't around last night to snuggle them and spoil them rotten. I can forgive him most everything and understand why he's done what he felt he had to do, but this is unbearable, to see my babies bewildered and lost without their friend and co-conspirator.

And I'm just vindictive enough to wonder if Llew even misses the dogs at all, or if he has given them as much consideration as he gave me in the end. And I also wonder if Melanie will give him the same consideration as he gave the pups, the same she's always given him. That would be unsurprising and quite bloody typical.
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Shriekback brought us together.

Family rips us apart.

He's packing to leave for Pennsylvania as I write this. I'll never see him again. I'll never trust again.

I'm tired of being abandoned. I'm happy on my own. Or at least I'm not unhappy on my own.

The worst part part is being a creature of habit. He's been here a year. I'm used to him I love him, but I'm used to him more. It will pain me to see the animals looking for someone they adore and wondering why he all of a sudden vanished with nary an explanation. I'm heartbroken.

I think I need xanax. Or sometime. All I want to do is sleep until it all goes away. Please just let it all go away.
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I was off work today. Röchling decided to actually close on a horribleday, which is unlike them, according to their long-term employees. I would have preferred to have worked because I don't get paid horribledays. That said, this day is particularly horrible because I am not getting paid for having to choice to stay out of work. I would shake my fist at the Man, but I'm too disgusted to eek out the energy for such an act.

In better news, I have about 15 active Sea Monkeys that I can actually see. The largest one, my first hatched named Adama, has matured and his a truly horny male. Mature Sea Monkeys show their gender by sporting either horns on the head or egg sacs at the base of the tale. I can't wait until the other Sea Monkeys mature so they can start getting jiggy with each other. Sea Monkey sex is said to be a wonder to behold.

In even better news, the Aunt Tudi A/C Salvage Fund has been a success! I'm just waiting for the transfers to the bank to go through so I can go get her an air conditioner. She'll need at least a 10k btu. I'm looking through newspapers and Craigslist to see if something is decent to buy that way, but I'm thinking I'll go with Wal-Mart or Lowes so I'll get a warranty, just in case. The temperature tomorrow is supposed to be 88 with moderate humidity. This is the warmest day we've had so far, so I'm getting her replacement A/C just in time. Thank you to everyone who participated. Aunt Tudi is literally in awe of you and the power we can all wield when we work together. She's heard so many bad things about the Internet, so it's great to show her the wonderful things that can bloom from a much-maligned human medium. You're fantastic!

Speaking of good things on the Internet, I found a wonderful reference website called Index of HTML 4.01 Character Entity References. On the site, I discovered å, which allows me to write Sechlourendål correctly for the first time ever. Déaghydhen language utilises rings over the vowels. A ring over the e, like in Deaghydhe give the e a 'yeh' pronunciation. å is pronounced like a short e. I ring is like a short a. O ring is pronounced like ö. U ring is pronounced like 'yoo.' I wish that all the rings were available instead of just å. It would make being able to translate the true Déghyden language. I guess I just use acutes to replace the rings as needed.

The Llew situation hasn't changed since my previous post. I'm not speaking to him much, as I'm afraid my anger will burst through and leave me not-so-very-much neutral. He's shown signs of affection, wanting to be intimate and whatnot, but I'm not ready to go there. Not until I know what he's truly decided to do. He says he can't make a certain choice until he talks to Melanie. When that's gonna happen, I don't know. He sold his acoustic guitar and amp for $200 and gave me $60 of it. $80 has to go for his car insurance and the rest will get him through the week. He says he's not applying for work this week because he won't know about Pennsylvania for a while and he doesn't want to get a job that he's going to leave right after getting it. So much for financial help.

Gwen has invited me to her cookout for today. I'm thinking about going, even though I'd hate to leave Aunt Tudi alone. I may drop by just for a short time just to say hello, then zip back home and hang with the Toodles. Besides, there's an Enterprise marathon going on and I've become rather fond of that show over the course of 6 or so months. It's much better than Voyager, in my humble opinion.

To everyone who celebrates it, happy Memorial Day to you. To everyone who does not, happy Monday to you! I'm off to get a shower now, on account of I stank.
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We got rain overnight and this morning. The wind blew and wet the porch thoroughly. Everything was wet and the rain continued in earnest when I got up and bade the dogs go outside for their morning constitutional. It only stands to reason that none of them want to go outside when it's that nasty, but they have to go. Using the bathroom is a necessity and it's imperative that the dogs do their business out of doors. I finally got them all to go, but Chester never left the porch. When he came back in, he proceeded to do something he's done since puppyhood, despite my efforts to steer him away from it; he pooped on the floor. We cleaned it up, like we always do, then gave Chester the hair eyeball. He already poops on the front porch when the grass is a little too wet from dew or it's a little too high to suit him. The dog is a collection of bad habits on four feet. It's like he thinks his cuteness automatically excuses anything untoward he might do. Yet another reason why I will never have another Yorkie if I have any say about it. It's Beagles for me, or no dogs at all.

I had to run an errand over to Diane's. When I got in the car to leave, I spied an animal lying in front of the out building. It didn't move, so it had to be dead. I made a mental note to check it out when I got home from Diane's house. Upon returning, I walked out to the building to inspect the animal that was still there when I got home. It was a small opossum, young, just into adulthood, so it was probably Loki. One of his ears was torn pretty badly, but that was the only indication of injury I could see. I didn't turn him over to see if there were any wounds on his other side, though. It hurt my heart to see him so. I love the opossums who've taken up residence here and I don't want anything to bring them harm or woe, even though the other opossums are probably responsible for Loki's death; they do have a habit of brawling amongst themselves. I took a picture of Loki to document his passing.

Loki RIP )

Aggrieved, I made my way back to the house. On my way, I spied a snail shell, half buried in the wet earth. The spiral the shell spoke to me, reminding me of the natural cycles of life that, although they may seem cruel or unjust to us, create the fragile balance that allows all of us to exist.

The Spiral Dance )

The spiral shell lay approximately 50 yards away from Loki's body. Finding it heartened me in a very profound way. I usually take shells like this and keep them in my stone and shell back or the wooden candle holder that's full of shells and crystals that date back to the 70s. But I left this one alone. It's part of the Earth, literally, and something compelled me to leave it right where it belonged. So I did.

My contorted filbert has gone berserk. When I bought the plant, it was pretty much a twisted stick with about 5 or 6 sickly leaves barely clinging to it. Its original price was $39.95, but I got it for $19.95 because the garden folks at Lowes believed it was pretty much done for. I brought it home and planted it at the corner of my front porch. The information card that came with the plant said that it would grow approximately 7 feet tall and 10 in diameter. As you can see in the picture, that's clearly not true of the tree I brought home. Obviously, the contorted filbert did not die.

I live! )

Aunt Tudi complains about the contorted filbert every Summer. She can't stand the fact that it blocks her from seeing anything, it blocks air getting to the porch, and it harbours June bugs every year. They flock to the contorted filbert to engage in their annual mating ritual.

When the sap begins to settle in the tree, I should cut some of the more interesting younger branches and send them to anyone who may be interested in having an unusual ritual wand. Any fellow Witches who read this can let me know if you're interested. Hopefully by the time that season arrives, I'll be in better enough shape to be able to mail things to people.

People are beginning to stress the benefits of buying and eating local foods. That's something that I've been wanting to do for a long time. Now that it's being shown on news channels how important it is to go local, Aunt Tudi is beginning to warm up to the idea. This will hopefully mean that we'll start buying more fruits and vegetables at the farmers market and getting more dairy products and perhaps even free range eggs from Kelsey's Dairy. I'm going to look into local meat markets as well. We have an abattoir in Duncan, but it's not very well known for its cleanliness. I'm certain there are others in the area. It's just a matter of doing some investigation. I'll ask around and see what I find. I believe we'll get off a lot cheaper by buying local and we'll be eating a lot healthier.

I really need to get my tiller to running. Llew doesn't seem to be very eager to help me in this matter. I think he believe he'll end up being the one to have to till up the earth so we can have a garden. It's a hell of a job, but something I don't mind doing. I'd rather till any day than mow grass. Maybe I should make that clear to him and then he'll be on board in the Revive the Tiller project. He's taking a nap right now but, when he wakes up, I'll bring up the tiller issue once again.

If I could get the garden spot tilled, we'd have an abundance of tomatoes, pepper, cantaloupes (or ass melon as I call them), potatoes, corn, and heaven knows what else. I'd be the gardening fool and our veggie issues would be solved for some time. If I know Aunt Tudi, they'd be solved well into the Winter, because she'd be processing and freezing a lot of what we couldn't currently eat. Given our country's piteous state, it's wise to grow as much food as you can, if you're able and you have any spot of earth at all. It may mean not starving when our society irrevocably collapses.

Last night I was thinking about how a person's favourite cable channel tells a lot about them.

For instance, Aunt Janice's favourite channel is HGTV, Home and Garden Television. Aunt Tudi's is Discovery and the Weather Channel. Llew's is the History Channel. Mine is SciFi, but I'm also a dedicated follower of Discovery.

My theory is very undeveloped, so much so that I can't really verbalise it to my satisfaction. But I think I can tag people I meet with a cable channel after I get to know them a little. Is this stereotyping? Maybe, but stereotyping isn't always a bad thing as long as you don't stop with the initial stereotyping. Having a basic idea about someone, though, can be very useful and helpful as you get to know that person better and build on what you've already learnt.

I'll write more about this when and if I expand on my theory.

I started this post out with words about Chester, so it's only fair that I end it with a picture of Chester. I think this is why we put up with his shenanigans: he exhibits so much love and trust around Aunt Tudi especially, then Llew, when he does something reprehensible, it can be easily overlooked.

Maybe the love shown in this photie is strong enough to hearten those who see it and need a bit of a boost in their lives.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there


Apr. 28th, 2008 06:45 pm
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Llew went to his family doctor today, who believes that this may be a case of Bell's Palsey rather than an actual stroke, since the effects are localised in his face and have effected his ability to speak in that it's like he's had a shot of Novocaine. He also changed his blood pressure meds since the meds Llew was on were apparently not working. We checked his blood pressure last night and it was 193/131. I tried to persuade him to go on to the E/R, since this was one of the danger signs noted on his hospital paperwork, but he flat refused, damned stubborn man. So.... I don't know what to think.....except I'm going to work on having him change doctors because the MRI indicated a clot in his brain and indications of TIAs. More grief. I hate that doctor of his.

Aunt Tudi has taken over household duties way too early. She just has to do it her way and insisted on wresting the laundry, dishes, vacuuming, and whatnot from my grip. I know I'm lacking in such things but damn! I feel like a total failure-slacker-loser. On the good side, she's doing fabulously with her hand. It has healed much quicker than her left hand. Almost immediately after her surgery, she had all the feeling back in her hand whereas, with her left hand, it took several months before the numbness went away. So I'm happy about that, but I'm really pissed that she's not following doctor's orders and letting me do what she usually does. I'd stop her but it's kinda hard to do if you're asleep in the middle of the night and she does a laundry or you're at work and she does whatever dishes were created at breakfast, or she vacuums the house. She's a sneaky old hag and I'm a total domestic failure.

This is Mike's unpaid week off at work. As a reminder, Mike is my route driver, the dude who delivers all the goodies I need on a daily basis at Rochling. The dude, David, who's covering for him knew nothing about Mike's route, so I figured he'd be late today. Mike usually arrives between 9 and 9:30 in the morning. David got there a little after 11, after the lunch rush (between 11 and 1) had started. So I had to try to fill the drink machines while people were trying to buy drinks. That's a tad difficult to do. It's not his fault. He was just thrown into the situation, which is no good considering Mike's route being very big and very difficult. But it threw me majorly late in what I do in the last half of the day and I expect tomorrow to be just as bad because David is off tomorrow and another guy who doesn't know diddly about Mike's route will be driving it. Whee!

My day didn't stop at 2. After 2, I was obligated to go get Fat Boy Boo Boo for his Spring shave-down. I picked him up at 2:30 and had him finished by 3:30. Easy-peasy except for one thing: I almost cut a skin growth right off the poor doggie. Boo Boo is a wire-hair Parson Russell Terrier, so his fur is medium length and very wiry. When I went to shave his tail down, it encountered what appeared to be a mat right at the end of it. I tried to shave it again, and Boo Boo was all like "OH HELL NO!" so I backed off. I took my shears and began to trim the area one teeny bit at a time. Then I saw it - it was a growth about a quarter inch long (a little over 6 millimeters for you metrically-inclined folk), just dangling obscenely off the end of Boo Boo's tail. So I had to shave his tail down, but trim his growth. His tail looked like crap as a result. Otherwise, the dog looked faboo, if I do say so myself, and Gwen was thrilled with the results of his Springtime shave.

Once I got home at around 4:30 from taking Boo Boo home, I set to clipping our dogs' nails since they could out tap-dance Mr. Bojangles in the state they were in. I'm so ashamed. I clipped all their nails, cleaned up the bathroom from Boo Boo's bath, cleaned my equipment and the table, put everything away, and took one breath. After the one breath, I went outside to feed the Backyard Pride and the Front Porch Pride and give them fresh water. The bowls of water were nasty, thanks to the almost three days of rain we had, so I cleaned out both bowls and gave them fresh water, then poured out the food to the delight of all the cats. Whilst outside, I got swarmed by mosquitoes and got bitten several times, but the worst bite was on the side of my index finger. That's an extremely uncomfortable spot to obtain a bug bite. I began to wibble. It was a little after 5 o'clock and I'd been awake and non-stop for twelve hours. Wibbling, I finished the feeding of the Prides and brought my achy arse indoors.

After all this, I began to ponder my mental state over the past few weeks. Many people have asked me how I was and where my mind was, as they knew I'd been under a lot of pressure. I could never adequately answer them until about an hour and a half ago. If you could crawl into my head and peer inside my mind, this is what you'd see.

I don't anything else needs to be said after that. It pretty much speaks for itself. I'll let it speak for me now.
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After I got off work, Aunt Tudi, Llew, and I hauled arse up the mountain to Asheville to meet up with [livejournal.com profile] falkenna, her sister [livejournal.com profile] janalyson, her boyfriend [livejournal.com profile] paulpearson23, and Jan's daughter Jennifer. We met at Malaprops and moseyed our way around downtown Asheville for a while before landing at Jack o'the Wood. The last time I was at Jack o'the Wood was when I was still managing Kilmoulis and hopelessly devoted to The Harpist. That was ten years ago, but it was enough to worm its way into The Chalice.

Mother of Memory, Memory of Music )

Delightfully so, the event was one of good times, good friends, good fellowship, good food, and good spirits (more than one). I really like Paul and I believe that [livejournal.com profile] falkenna has chosen wisely in Man Servants male companions. It was great to see [livejournal.com profile] janalyson and her daughter again. I don't know Jan very well, but I'm amazed at how easily we get on. Our conversation is never lacking. I believe that Aunt Tudi had a blast of a time and that Llew was glad to have finally gotten to meet some of my dearest friends.

I took a bunch of pictures and so did Paul. I promised [livejournal.com profile] falkenna and [livejournal.com profile] janalyson that they could see the photies and approve them before I posted any, though, so visuals of our fun day will have to wait on them. Le sigh.

I'm a very sleepy soul. But a satisfied one as well. It's good to be with friends, especially after trying days with the promise of more to come.

[livejournal.com profile] popfiend

Apr. 22nd, 2008 10:12 pm
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Thank you! Llew was very pleasantly surprised and has something for the first time in years: an actual library! You're a lovely soul, mister man. Lovely. I owe you many coconuts.


Apr. 15th, 2008 06:21 pm
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After spending an absolutely deeeeeeelightful day on the road with both Aunt Tudi and Llew, the first thing I did when I got them home was blow up my Whomp It and apply it to their brain pans. I plan on doing this repeatedly until it does one of two things: makes me feel better or kills the two of them. My bets are currently on the latter, despite the Whomp It being a bit a blow-up plastic, like a beach ball, but different.

whomp 'em )

Then again, I do have a third option that I only just considered: I could whomp myself in the head repeatedly until I either feel better or die, which would also make me feel loads and gobs better than just feeling merely better better.
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Llew, Aunt Tudi, and I have all three been like angry rats gnawing on the same rope, but for different reasons. Aunt Tudi's reason is that she's in the full throes of hand surgery recovery and it hurts like all Sith Hell. Llew's reason is that he's had a stroke and he's in the full throes of depression and dealing with the inability to do things the way he could just last week. My reason is Aunt Tudi and Llew. I want to knock their heads together like coconuts. Oh hell.....there goes [livejournal.com profile] popfiend's heart.

The stress of everything that's been going on the past week has gotten to us, I believe. But I feel guilty for feeling all snerky about it because I'm not going through near what Aunt Tudi and Llew are. All I'm doing is putting up with their crap moods and trying my level best to prevent an altercation between the two of them. 'Cos when I'm in the middle between Aunt Tudi and Llew and really in the middle, like miserably so. Honestly, I'm sick of it.

Aaaaaaand, guess who's reared her ugly blonde head? Yep. Bitch Daughter. And it's my fault. Dee stressed the need for BD to know the state of her father's health. Once Llew agreed to let either Dee or myself contact BD, I volunteered for the ugly deed. On Friday I called and left her a message, then I emailed her informing her that it would be in her best interest to respond. Within an hour, Bitch Daughter called. I told her that Llew had had a stroke and gave her the information that I have. She then started tossing questions and demands my way and, this time goddammit, I wasn't having it. I told her to back off and let me tell her what I knew and, then, if she wanted to talk to her dad, she was more than welcome to do so. She asked if he'd been staying with me and I was like "well, yeah, he lost his entire family and had nowhere to go. Where did you think he'd end up?" She had no answer for that. So they talked and, a few hours later, Destiny called and talked to her "pappy." It was a decent reunion. BD invited Llew to come visit. Visit. After a stroke. This, coming from someone who promised to take care of him if he paid for her schooling. He paid for everything and he gets an invitation to visit. And has she called back? No. I hate her. And Llew is an idiot. After it all, he thanked me for helping to reunite him with his "babies." I don't hate Llew, but I think he's a total dunderhead for saying this and, especially, thinking it.

The other day Diane was telling me about how her evil husband Keith gave away her Thriller album back in the day because he didn't like Michael Jackson. What the fuck? I mean, what gives him the right to do such a thing? He also did away with her copy of Ice Cream Castles by Morris Day & the Time. So, I got to thinking about it and decided to make Diane the first of three or four funky/groovy CDs. I gave it to her today. Here's what's on it:

The Girl Is MineMichael Jackson & Paul McCartney
Black Or WhiteMichael Jackson
Man In The MirrorMichael Jackson
BadMichael Jackson
Thriller (Single Edit)Michael Jackson
P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)Michael Jackson
Human Nature (7" Edit)Michael Jackson
Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'Michael Jackson
Beat ItMichael Jackson
Billie JeanMichael Jackson
Off The WallMichael Jackson
Rock With YouMichael Jackson
Don't Stop 'Til You Get EnoughMichael Jackson
Shake Your Body (Down To The Ground) (Single Edit)Michael Jackson
The BirdMorris Day and the Time
Jungle LoveMorris Day and the Time

Diane's only dilemma with this CD is that she can't play it in the car because her car doesn't have a CD player. I told her, "Well, you'll just have to play it at home, won't you? Loud. In front of Keith. And you can tell him that, if he gets rid of it, your friend can always burn you another CD and another one after that and still another one if he attempts to rid himself of something that doesn't fucking belong to him." She thought that was a brilliant idea and, to be honest, I did too. I'm just aching for an altercation. I'm cruisin' for a bruisin'. And I figure Michael Jackson will get me there quicker than most other folks, things, or situations. So tell me who's bad?

Chris Hansen. He has a new show out exposing dodgy insurance and investment salesmen who target senior citizens. Now, I'm not by nature a criminal, pervert, or unseemly individual; however, if I were in a room and Chris Hansen walked in, saying "I'm Chris Hansen with Dateline NBC," I'd probably have a heart attack and die right there, wondering what it was I did so wrong to merit a visit from the likes of Mr. Hansen. Yeah, what he does is a good thing, but I think he's established for himself a very scary reputation that terrifies people who haven't even diddled, robbed, or otherwise humiliated their fellow human. So I'm wondering if he can do any good at all now, considering his position. The man's presence could make Jesus Christ look questionable, which makes me ponder guilty people and their level thereof. How can we gauge anyone or any situation by Chris Hansen now? Doesn't his mere presence scream "GUILTY AS HELL!" without need for judge, jury, or any of those other pesky judicial procedures? Yeah. If Chris Hansen ever walks into a room and introduces himself to me, if I don't die of fright right there, just kill me 'cos my life will be over.

And this concludes my rant for the day (and possibly for many days), because Aunt Tudi is bitching at me again and I can't concentrate for having fantasies of chopping her up into a delightful meat pie and serving her to my closest friends with some fava beans and a nice chianti. ::slurpslurpslurp::
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I meant to write this a few days ago but, instead, I passed flat out on the love seat for about five hours. After taking care of Aunt Tudi's minimal needs, I shambled off to bed like the best Zombie George Romero had ever encountered in his long Zombie career. So I'm writing it today with some addenda now that so many days have passed.

Before I begin, I just wanted to thank everyone who sent Llew cards. They finally arrived on Tuesday morning and he was a smiling goofball. So....thanks. Also, thanks for the virtual gifts. I've never had a punching bag before. I needed one. Badly.

Oh and..Happy Birthday

My apologies if I've missed anyone.  Now, for the fun to begin olé!**

Enter if you dare....there will be photography the likes of which you've never seen, nor ever want to see again. )
And, in closing, speaking of the weakest link, here's a photo of one of my left knee x-rays. According to Dr. Keith, whom I'm went to see on Thursday, there's no waiting for my 50-year-birthday to get that knee replacement. According to him, I'll need to get the replacement as soon as my insurance kicks in next year, if I can wait that long. He said all this in doctor-speak instead of wanting to say it it the way he really wanted to: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

**As [livejournal.com profile] brujah pokes at me from beyond the virtual grave for me to just get on with it for Chrissakes!


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