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In 2009, I took one of a litter of Beagle pups that had been born on a farm. I named him Fitzgerald and, for the few months Aunt Tudi and I had him, he was an absolute joy.
fitz.JPGExcept for one thing...

On our return from grocery shopping one day, Fitzgerald met us at the car. You may be inclined to think, "So what? That's what dogs do!" But, see, my yard is completely fenced in, thanks to another Beagle in my life, Henry Herman, who ate all the wiring out from under my car. I figured there had to be a hole in the fence somewhere.

I investigated, and found one spot Fitzgerald could squeeze through if he really wanted to. I blocked it off and figured the problem was solved.

It was not.

The next week, coming back from the store, Aunt Tudi and I watched slack-jawed at Fitzgerald bouncing merrily alongside the car, acting like he was herding some nerfs. But I couldn't find anywhere in the fence that was compromised.

A few days later, Janice called to inform me that Fitzgerald was up at her and Uncle Michael's house, and she saw how he was getting out.

Fitzgerald, wee escape artist that we is, or was when he was a pup, was climbing the fence to get out and follow whatever scent he'd caught. He could climb out, but didn't seem as confident trying to climb back in. Not only that, but he was almost guaranteed to be hit by one of the speeding maniacs who lived further down on Paul's Drive or facing a fate worse than car homicide.  He could have been taken by people who could sell him to less than reputable labaratories, where he'd be caged, tortured, even mutilated, then usually killed.

The lady who initially told us about the Beagles said that she could take Fitzgerald back. We were assured he'd be living a good farm life with wide open spaces to roam, as that would have been his gig had I not snatched him up in my arms, suffering from full-on Beagle Fever.  The last I heard, Fitzgerald is living the good life out in the country. Considering the chaos that life has been since 2011, I'm glad I gave him back.

After Toby passes, assuming he goes before I do, I don't see myself with another dog. My age, living arrangements, and health concerns make it all too clear that bringing another dog "home" would only end in grief and god knows what else when I'm gone. That's not fair to the dog. I don't like the idea of never having another dog in my life, especially if it's a Beagle but, when a decision you make will have bearing on more lives than just your own, it would be beyond unethical to make a pooch believe s/he has found their forever home, then find out their forever home called in dead, having hanged herself from the Cabrillo Bridge with a dog leash.

Looking at the possibility of future adoptions, then looking at the peevish expression on Fitzgerald's face, I am certain I'm making the best decision for everyone who is, or might be, involved or affected in the matter. bfplogo.jpgThat said, if anything should happen to me, don't do the flowers thing. And no, I'm not engaging in suicidal ideation. I'm just writing this as though it were a tragic dog drama lauded by the Academy Awards. Anyway, instead of purchasing dead posies for a dead person, give the money to the Beagle Freedom Project. Click their logo seen in this paragraph to learn more about the BFP, the Beagles they have rescued, and their plans to rescue even more as soon as they can.

phone_home.jpgEven better, this handy-dandy app does not require death for you to get involved right now.  In fact, instead of endorsing death on any level, purchasing the Cruelty Cutter will help you save lives and spare others a grim, pain-filled existence.

Sally forth to buy the Beagle Freedom Project's app, Cruelty Cutter, that will allow you to shop cruelty-free, as well as add your voice to the thousands demanding corporations end their unnecessary, immoral, and antiquated research methods.

The app is cheap, but it works like a charm, and the $2.99 you spend to get it will go to help the organisation rescue and rehome Beagles who have spent most, if not their entire lives locked in a cage that's locked in a laboratory.

Do it for Fitzgerald, the pooch who earned his honorary title, The One that Got away!

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(From a post made on The Vampire Relics' Facebook Page with some extra added mental meandering that happened after the fact.)

One of the themes that threads throughout all three books is that of Absolution (it's important because of the capital A!). I'm not referring to just Christian absolution but the essence of the word itself, sparking the human imagination to entertain the possibility, or feel secure in their faith to believe without question, that forgiveness for anything is possible. One of the sub-hives, the Hive of Redemption, established by Thiyennen, took the idea of absolution to a whole other crazy level with many of its members, including Thiyennen, resorting to behaviour seen in the travelling Flagellants during the Black Death. This twisted version of what may achieve absolution is studied in depth in The Augury of Gideon, when Thiyennen and his allies capture and imprison Cadmus Pariah.

Of course, all of this is only my opinion, and I respect and will aggressively defend your opinions on the matter, because that would be only fair. The nature of true absolution, in my opinion, partially based on personal experiences, is one of being accepted and loved for who you are, faults and all, and being able to return to a possibly simpler (as in uncomplicated) point in your life, when you could embrace wonder with abandon, and be shed of guilt that only serves to break spirits down rather than build them up. Absolution happens when you no longer accept such programming imposed on you from almost the point of birth throughout your life.

A song by Eliza Gilkyson, entitled 'Emmanuel', is very close to what I have believed in the past regarding redemption and absolution, and it still has an effect on my beliefs (or lack thereof in recent years). Superficially, the song would appear to be Christ-centered (this is different from Christianity-centered in my world, so just bear with me), it addresses the longing we all carry, regardless of religious or spiritual persuasions, to return home, or to the past, or to some place or state of being that existed before we think fell to the lies of shame and sin that weigh much of the modern world down. Even that storyline, documenting the spiritual enslavement of humanity, shows up in 'The Blood Crown', the fault of which is clearly placed at the Apostate's door.

The first time I heard the song, at work in 1993 (I was inspecting the CD the song is on), I listened to it from a Christian perspective, although I am not Christian, based on its title alone. Assumptions are easily made, are they not? When the words sunk in, my first interpretation was of a reality where the fallen angel Sammael is welcomed home by Emmanuel after going through incarnations of humans, animals, and even things (a rock, at one point!) before he could bring himself to revisit the music he had made prior to leaving in pursuit of the glories and tragedies on Earth. This interpretation dictated the last picture in the video.

The bigger story the song tells isn't one that heaps guilt, fear, and ultimately spiritual banishment if you don't toe a particular line on the listener; rather, it gives the message that, even after you've experienced and done all you feel you need to, both the good and the bad, the door will be open when you want to walk through it to whatever you believe is there ('What Dreams May Come' is an example of what I'm trying to communicate here). From that perspective, the song does not belong to just one faith. It belongs to all faiths and all levels of spiritual sentience, including Atheism, human and non-human. It is non-judgemental, and can be enjoyed on a purely secular level, particularly from a psychological viewpoint. Liking and agreeing with Carl Jung may help here, too.

I believe that's truly the only way absolution or redemption can be achieved. It's an acceptance and a presence of old knowing that we tend to lose in the physical realms, and many may perceive such acceptance and old knowledge to be an external phenomenon, which is completely acceptable, but I think it also is present within everyone and everything. All that said, even though my history with the song predates all three books, 'Emmanuel' is definitely a strong musical presence in 'The Augury of Gideon', considering both the song and book address the concept of cyclic returning so that healing may follow.

I believe that Eliza Gilkyson achieved something greater than all of us, including herself, when she wrote this song, and I think it's one that should be shared with as many people as possible, not as a means of conversion of any sort, but as a campaign to allow us to not only forgive one another, but to forgive ourselves.

The video is one of my much earlier attempts at movie-making, so please overlook the general sorry mess it is. The song is rare and the album it's on has been out of print for ages, so there's more people than not who have never heard it. My making the video was an attempt to rectify that crime against good music. One thing I did want to draw your attention to, regarding the video, is that the pictures used, with the exception of the last one, are all tapestries or tile mosaics in the Byzantine style, or at least that's what Teh Intarwebz told me when I started collecting images for the vid. Byzantine art was a major influence on the physical appearance of the Tarmi, specifically because of the eyes of the people in the art. If one did not know, one might assume that everyone in Byzantium had gigantic alien eyes and, as a teenager when I started mapping my personal myths, I got all caught up in the what-ifs that arose in my mind from studying the art. (And why hasn't Ancient Aliens addressed such possibilities yet?) Using these images for the video helped me tie in the importance of the song to my own mythologies.

So, if you're still with me after this godawful ramble, I hope you enjoy the song, and I encourage you to share it people who may benefit from the non-demoninational and/or secular message of hope that it is never too late to embrace the absolution sitting around waiting for you to pick it up. It's inside you already, despite what you believe or don't believe. You were born with it, it's still there, and it'll be there until you die, if you're an Atheist, or continue on with you, if you believe in the existence of afterlife and the many flavours in which such beliefs come available. Even if they don't need a message like that, but do appreciate good music (and who doesn't?), I feel the song would be a gift to them, as well.

If you want to learn more about Eliza, she has a website: http://elizagilkyson.com/

I also made second crap video using another song from the same album, this one focusing on any number of pagan histories after encountering invading religions, sung from the viewpoint of a priestess who lived such a history, but the song is specially focused on the Divine Feminine, as it is represented in the song by the catch-all Goddess name, Diana. It's called 'I Become the Moon' and it also had an effect on the writing of the Relics trilogy, especially 'The Blood Crown,' which features the Tale of the Blood Moon, whose narrative focuses on the triumph of the Apostate over the remnants of Tarmian civilisation, and the subsequent tragedy of humanity losing its way in the wilderness of the conquering magus' lies.

And if any of this inspires you enough to want to read the books, here's the link to them, for your continued convenience: THE VAMPIRE RELICS ON AMAZON.

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Written in Blood is a blog written and maintained by a friend and former co-worker of mine. Yes, we shared Pit time. But also shared a love for movies, darker genres in particular. John was the one who got me hooked on Tarantino films. That makes him A-OK by me.

Anyway, since I'm trying to hawk my wares, as they say, I asked John if he'd mention by books in one of his posts. This is what happened. Click the picture for the remainder of the piece.

I’m not going to lie: Tracy Angelina Evans is a good friend of mine. We’ve worked together, drank coffee together and have been to each other’s homes for dinner on a few occasions. So, when she asked me for a little help to promote her Vampire Relics Trilogy I jumped at the chance.

With one little catch.

I told Tracy she had to answer three questions for me that I could include here.

You would be wise to keep up the going's on in John Mountain's world. Sure, he has a soft spot for the darker side of artistic impression, but he's a true maven when it comes to movies from any time or genre. I know this because I've played Trivial Pursuit with him and have lost miserably. Have a handy link to his main page, and don't forget to press the button that will hook you guys up.

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Barry posted this in his Facebook. It's very funny, and very nicely worded.

Rosalina. Woman.

You constantly revile me with your singular lack of vision. Be aware, there is an essential truth and beauty in all things. From the death throes of a speared gazelle to the damaged smile of a freeway homeless. But that does not mean that the invisibility of something implies its lack of being. Though simpleton babies foolishly believe the person before them vanishes when they cover their eyes during a hateful game of peek-a-boo, this is a fallacy. And so it is that the unseen dusty build up that accumulates behind the DVD shelves in the rumpus room exists also. This is unacceptable.

I will tell you this Rosalina, not as a taunt or a threat but as an evocation of joy. The joy of nothingness, the joy of the real. I want you to be real in everything you do. If you cannot be real, then a semblance of reality must be maintained. A real semblance of the fake real, or “real”. I have conquered volcanoes and visited the bitter depths of the earth’s oceans. Nothing I have witnessed, from lava to crustacean, assailed me liked the caked debris haunting that small plastic soap hammock in the smaller of the bathrooms. Nausea is not a sufficient word. In this regard, you are not being real.

Now we must turn to the horrors of nature. I am afraid this is inevitable. Nature is not something to be coddled and accepted and held to your bosom like a wounded snake. Tell me, what was there before you were born? What do you remember? That is nature. Nature is a void. An emptiness. A vacuum. And speaking of vacuum, I am not sure you’re using the retractable nozzle correctly or applying the ‘full weft’ setting when attending to the lush carpets of the den. I found some dander there.

I have only listened to two songs in my entire life. One was an aria by Wagner that I played compulsively from the ages of 19 to 27 at least 60 times a day until the local townsfolk drove me from my dwelling using rudimentary pitchforks and blazing torches. The other was Dido. Both appalled me to the point of paralysis. Every quaver was like a brickbat against my soul. Music is futile and malicious. So please, if you require entertainment while organizing the recycling, refrain from the ‘pop radio’ I was affronted by recently. May I recommend the recitation of some sharp verse. Perhaps by Goethe. Or Schiller. Or Shel Silverstein at a push.

The situation regarding spoons remains unchanged. If I see one, I will kill it.

That is all. Do not fail to think that you are not the finest woman I have ever met. You are. And I am including on this list my mother and the wife of Brad Dourif (the second wife, not the one with the lip thing). Thank you for listening and sorry if parts of this note were smudged. I have been weeping.

Your money is under the guillotine.


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Because of some copyright issues inhumanely adhered to by You Tube, some of the Tim Roth Tutorials were unavailable for viewing in some countries (mainly the US). In an effort to make them all accessible to everyone, I've uploaded all the current videos to Vimeo. The video album's link is here: http://vimeo.com/album/1910275

From here on out, each Tutorial will be uploaded to both You Tube and Vimeo. I'll be embedding the You Tube videos here, but I will include the link to each Tutorial on Vimeo as well.

For those following the Tutorials, I hope this helps out and that you enjoy them.
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This may spell the end of attractive men on Earth. Surely another reason to hope the 12-21 prophecies are right and we're all killed off before this can happen.
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I used to listen to a show called The Thistle and Shamrock on NPR from the mid-80s on through to the late 90s, when the local station stopped carrying the show. Every week, Fiona Ritchie would offer up the most wonderful music from the Celtic world, and I was so in love with it all. It was this show that introduced me to Dougie MacLean, Talitha MacKenzie, Loreena McKennitt, Capercaillie, Silly Wizard, and I could go on and on.

When I became involved in the local Celtic music community, I was pointed in the direction of Horizon Records, which carried the biggest collection of Celtic Folk CDs in the area. I was able to find Dougie, Loreena, Talitha, and all the others who had become an integral part of my life. But there was one artist I never could find, and the guys at Horizon could not order, 'cos they'd never heard of her and she did not show up in their database.

Her name was Janet Russell, and she was a Scottish Traditional performer.

I had come to believe that I had gotten her name wrong and I would never be able to find her music. This grieved me no end, because Ms. Russell transformed my outlook on Celtic Folk and gave me hope that I might someday be able to sing in that way. She did this with just two songs, the two Fiona Ritchie showcased on T&S one weekend. I was lucky enough to be taping this particular show, which also featured Dougie MacLean's 'Over My Mountain' (which I made a video for because the song can't be readily found anywhere, if you don't know where to look. Even the band I used to manage, Kilmoulis, had never heard of this song, and they knew a great deal about Dougie). Listen to it and immerse yourself in its glory.

This show also introduced me to Scottish Mouth Music by way of Talitha MacKenzie and Martin Swann. But I digress.

Fiona played two songs by Janet Russell; 'Old Woman Is Watching' (aka 'Weave and Mend') and 'Band o'Shearers.' I was gobsmacked and utterly enthralled. I played that tape over and over again, learning every word of the lyrics and emulating the accent to the best of my abilities. A decade later, I began singing the songs, particularly 'Old Woman Is Watching,' at the local UU church when one of our coven elders, Lady Neith, would do the lay-led service for one of the Sabbats. 'Old Woman Is Watching' was the song I sang for my professional singer grandmother. It was also one of the songs I sang for [livejournal.com profile] falkenna when I was in England. Of course, I'd sing the songs a capella and came nowhere near the absolute glory of Janet Russell's musical prowess, but I did my best and I began to cherish that tape with every passing year. Cassette tape isn't known for its durability or longevity, so I was really scared that I would lose this music before I could find a proper Janet Russell album. When I could, I would make copies of the tape, and copies of those copies. Eventually, the sound became so hissy, it was pretty hopeless that I would be able to preserve it in any viable way.

Over time, the copies and copied copies broke or disappeared, and the original tape also broke. And I had resigned myself to the belief that I would never hear these songs again, nor would I be able to find any Janet Russell music at all. Goddess knows, I had tried. I even wrote to Fiona Ritchie in the hope she could help me retrieve this music or point me in the direction of a place where I could find it. But she did not remember the songs and even inquired about whether or not I had the name of the artist right.

But all that changed today. I was looking for the lyrics to 'Band o'Shearers' because I wanted to be sure I was singing parts of the song correctly. It is sung in Scottish slang, so it's a tad garbled in areas, not that I am complaining...the Scots can do no wrong (except to kill Archibald Cunningham). Imagine my utter surprise when I saw the name Janet Russell! So I began a frantic search to see if I could find the album this song was on.

I found it. I FOUND IT!!! After 26 years, I found Janet Russell and the album on which both 'Band o'Shearers' and 'Old Woman Is Watching' are featured. And I can order it. And I am going to order it. And I am going to cherish it and keep it safe for as long as I am alive and still relatively sane.

And I'm making You Tube videos for at least these two songs, so other people can hear them, and be as in awe of Ms. Russell as I have been all these long years.

Honestly, I almost cried when I found the album a few hours ago. Hell, I'm near tears writing about it now. I only wish Aunt Tudi were here to share this monumental moment with me. She was perhaps the only one who knew how marrow-deep important this was to me. It'll probably be next month before I am able to order the album, but I will beg, borrow, or steal to get the fundage before I let this opportunity pass me by. It's just too important to my existence for that to happen. That may sound extreme, but music is the single most beloved thing in my life, and songs like the one Janet Russell recorded have been instrumental in the creation of the person I am today.

Finally, I will be able to play these songs for Lady Neith, and Davis & Kathleen (2/3 of Kilmoulis), and anyone else who is curious about them, or knows anything about me and realise how intrinsic Janet Russell's music has been to my life.

I'm not sure if I've sufficiently conveyed the profound importance finding this album is, but I cannot stress enough how wondrous this day has been, simply because I did a search for lyrics. This...THIS is why I adore the Internet. I don't care what anyone says, the Internet is more than a technology habit or a minor diversion for millions. It is a miracle. An absolute miracle.

Okay, I am off to attempt not weeping with complete joy. It's unbecoming. Ha Ha!
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Blatantly burgled from this place here: The Darkside of the Zodiac. Go check out how horrible you are. This Virgo has some issues with the reading (of course, being a Virgo), but all in all, it seems pretty darned accurate. Baahaha!


You have one belief. Everyone in life is beneath you. There isn't an idea that you can't improve upon, or a person you can't whip into shape. You may pride yourself on being a discriminating perfectionist, but everyone else sees you as a royal pain in the ass. You are very intelligent but can't make any practical use of your knowledge, so you end up spouting platitudes and pumping gas.

You have Forest for the Trees Syndrome. You are so bogged down in the excruciating minutia of daily life that you let the world, and your dreams, pass by. But that's OK with you, since it gives you a reason to blame your faults on every one but yourself.

Yours is the sign of the scribe, prosecuting attorney, mimic, despot, and anything with critic in the title. Virgos make excellent bureaucrats because they love to make people stand for hours in lines that go nowhere.

You spend your life moving your metaphorical piles of dirty laundry from one side of your psyche to the other without resolving anything. However, this is fine with you because it gives you something to do on Saturday night besides rearranging your medicine cabinet.

You are so concerned with your health that you rattle when you walk from all the pill bottles jiggling in your pocket or purse. Your home serves as a satellite pharmacy for the neighborhood and you delight in dispensing the latest holistic advice on every ailment from boils to constipation. You are the type of patient who hounds your doctor for double prescriptions, just to be prepared.

Your favorite game is Mountains out of Molehills, and you obsess over things that will never happen. You spend hours worrying whether or not you should use milk that's one day past its pull date and if your tires have enough air to get you to your next dentist appointment. You are the only sign in the zodiac that looks forward to a tooth cleaning. You have more systems for coping with life than the IRS has for tracking down tax dodgers.

In love, you are as romantic as a top sergeant drilling the troops. You expect your lover to adhere to your timetable and preferences and balk at any variation. After you invariably get dumped, you cry for about five minutes then decide that he, or she, wasn't good enough for you anyway and grab the nearest good book to soothe yourself. When you do get the urge to merge, you usually make the wrong choice, because you've been so picky in the past that you suddenly find yourself on the downside of sexy and grab the first person you can clutch in your impeccably manicured little hands.

You also have exceptional self-discipline and your will is so strong that you can easily make all your dreams come true. You are often misjudged because of your perfectionist attitude. Truth is you never expect more of others than that which you are willing to give. You are sympathetic and generous and have a genuine desire to help people do their best. But you need to cultivate more patience and less assumption that your opinion is always either correct or sought. Instead of squandering your energy trying to control the world, learn to listen first, then take aim with a few well-chosen barbs and there isn't a sign in the Universe you can't outwit.


Apr. 7th, 2012 07:22 pm
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Why does Cadmus call Flint "titch" so often? It's art imitating life.

From the MacMillan Dictionary: Titch - Someone who is very small.

From an extensive biography of Tim Roth:  So Roth, disturbed by his father's departure, now living in the company of artistic females, was sent into this macho hell-hole. Being short (his nickname was Titch) and named Timothy only made it worse. The bullying was bad and Roth had no physical response.

Cadmus calls Flint this because he is familiar with British slang, having lived amongst the English for centuries.  Flint hates the cognomen, and takes it as the insult Cadmus intends it to be.

See, everything is there for a reason.  I'm just glad that The Waltham Phantom has been exorcised...for now~.
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There came a bad storm, so I had to stay at home with the frightened-out-of-their-wits beasties. I'll be going to see Diane tomorrow. In the meantime, I came across this ridiculousness and decided to have some fun. This is what I came up with. Does it fit? You be the judge. And go make your own, why don't you?

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And, if you haven't seen 'Captives,' you have no excuse for that. It's on You Tube. If you like Roth even just a tiddly bit, you'll love this flick. :D
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Right, so I'm bemoaning my woes about not having a picture of Flint, then this chick whom I do not know posts a picture of this vampire she's drawn, which is based on Tim Roth. O_O

WTF... No question here, I'm just saying WTF. I'm too weary to question it anymore.


::crawls off and licks her wounds::
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Right, so I'll be at the cinema on 11 May, holding a drool cup, wearing an adult diaper, chain smoking Camel's, slogging down copious amounts of booze, and fanning myself with the biggest fucking fan I can muster.

Vampires in the 70s

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A few years back, I made a series of posts called The Man Menagerie. I thought it would be fun, while I wait on more lyrics for Illuminati, to make a music video featuring an assload of sexy men. This is the result.


Starring in order of appearance:

Brad Pitt (as the throwaway)
Tim Roth (as the bow-legged one)
Stephen Rea
Anthony Hopkins
Adam Ant
Malcolm McDowell
Anthony Andrews
Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
Hugo Weaving
Clive Barker
Ed Kowalczyk
Stuart Townsend
Johnny Depp
Bear McCreary
Adrien Brody
Danny Huston
Chiwetal Ejiofor
Dave Matthews
Gordon Currie
Vin Diesel
Danny Elfman
Jeremy Piven
Eddie Izzard
Will Smith
Jeff Goldblum
Craig Parker
Billy Zane
Heath Ledger
Kieron Elliot
Jason Carter
Joshua John Miller
Naveen Andrews
Joaquin Phoenix
Vincint D'Onofrio
Herbert Lom
Michael Nouri
Lenny Von Dohlen
Orson Welles
Mark Sheppard
Ray Park
James McAvoy
Jason Isaacs
Julian Sands
Kevin Spacey
Peter Murphy
Alfred Molina
Rik Mayall
Robert Downey Jr.
Alan Rickman

clickie for eye candy )

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The first Illuminati song I heard, it was released on the tribute album to the late Kevin Wilkinson in 2000 (if memory serves). The lyrics on this one were a Beast but Khanada, Trista, and B pulled ranks and won the day, so all's well that end's welll.

Photos used in the video are of the Yew trees at St. James Abson (see link in You Tube info), taken in May of 2006, I think a day or two at most before meeting B. So yeah, just a teeny personal Easter Egg to mark a moment. Sort of like the instantly recognisable "leopard yawns with breath like flowers" pic I made for "Big Sharp Teeth."

Anyways, go have a looksee/listen. We hopes you enjoys it, Precious.

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This is a horrid sound that is apparently being heard in random places all over the world.

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You know, there are some stories that you could die happy never having heard of them. This is one of those. Click at your own peril. No really. I got no warning whilst watching Ancient Aliens. At least you're getting a warning. How badly you suffer the heebie-jeebies afterward is not the responsibility of Tinhuviel or anything remotely associated with her.

How do you say 'Oh SWEET JEEBUS!!!!!!' in Russian?
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This is the first day I've had to myself in about a month. The first thing I set out to do was add The Chalice Kindle artwork and a link to the e-book to my LJ profile. My head is so scattered from lack of sleep and a tad too much stress, it took me about an hour to sort it out the way I wanted it to look on the profile. Honestly, I don't know what else I'll do today. Hopefully a nap is in my immediate future. Aunt Tudi is sleeping like whoa today and my aim is to follow suit. At least, now, people who visit The Cliffs of Insanity will know that The Chalice now has a presence on Amazon Kindle.
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Bitten by Books is a site that focuses on reviewing books about the paranormal, Vampires in particular. When The Chalice was published [livejournal.com profile] theafaye and I submitted the book to Bitten by Books for review. Just in time for the Kindle release the site has posted its review of the first book of The Vampire Relics. Here's the beginning of the review and link to the entire piece on the website. Please let me know what you think of the review when you have the time and inclination to do so!

In the time of early humanity, ten Elfin gather in a sacred grove to conduct an annual magick ritual when horror enters the world. One of their own, the Apostate, entraps them in a dark magic circle and unleashes a curse that turns them all into the Upry – vampires. The ten behold each other, and seeing the monsters they have become all flee. But their new vampire natures rule them, and they leave a bloody trail behind as they quench their newfound thirst for blood and destruction. Outcast from their Elfin brethren and in loneliness, they begin to create others to be like them and soon there are “Hives” of vampires, each Hive reflecting the nature of one of the original ten.


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