47, Part 2

Sep. 11th, 2014 01:54 pm
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We went to EC Tattoo at the corner of Midway and Rosecrans. This is where the Mother Unit got her wolf, and she had already told Eric they'd be back with her daughter to get a tat for her birthday the next day. He had to shrink my picture down in order for it to fit on my foot, and I also asked him to change the pink hues to green. Yeah. If pink ever ends up being permanently attached to me in any way, shape, or form, I'll just have to steal and army tank and drive into the condom-infested ocean to end it, then and there.

Eric's translation of the image into what he would be putting on my foot was nothing short of spectacular. I even love the placement of it, where the tail seems to be curving around my ankle bone. It took him a little over two hours, but it was well worth the time!

Reptile! )

There were a few instances during the tattooing, I thought I was gonna pass out from holding my breath. I had always heard that foot tattoos were exceedingly painful, so I was as prepared as I could be. Eric's music helped a great deal. He had a Spotify mix inhabiting every atom in the shop, serving up an eclectic collection of Rap, Hip Hop, Funk, Pop, R & B, and Soul. Music always makes things better, unless it's Justin Bieber... About halfway through the inking, Eric sprayed something cool on my foot and began to rub it in. Then he began inking again. This time, though, I didn't feel anything. Anything. I figured I'd either achieved a Zen state from the first 45 minutes or so, and was now channeling the Tattoo Buddha, or I had had a stroke. It was neither. That spray Eric had used could probably be used to help women, or Brian Quinn, in labour!

Here's a picture of the tat without my fish-white foot and rotated for a better look.
skin ink )

Why did I want a lizard? Not for the reason some might think. My first experience with a wild animal was with a garter snake at the age of five. I was walking in the woods next to our house with the Mother Unit, when we came upon a green garter snake. It was young, around a foot long. Mama picked it up and let me hold it for a few minutes before we placed it back down and carried on. I fell in love with the feel of cool, soft, reptilian skin on that day. That experience was what set me on the road to respecting, honouring, and adoring the natural world around us. As I got older, I began to feel a particular kinship to reptiles, because of their typical relationship with humans. They are unfairly judged as ugly, dangerous, slimy and, in some cases like the story of Genesis, downright demonic. Given my lifetime experience with humans, I've often felt like I was playing the role of the reptile - outcast and misunderstood, based mainly on my appearance. When I decided on getting five tattoos in 2000, I was determined to make the lizard on the foot happen as soon as I could.

Matt didn't get his tat yesterday, because he didn't have the image he was keen on getting. I helped him this morning collect a variety of African Greys in different shades and position for Eric to reference in creating the image Matt wants. He went over to EC Tattoos about an hour ago. As for me, I have to go to the dentist at 3 o'clock, wearing the Mother Unit's pink bedslippers, since I was instructed not to wear shoes for at least five days. It's kind of ironic that the only shoes I can safely wear are the colour to which I strongly objected in the original lizard image.

So yeah, the 47th birthday was full of surprises and an overall atmosphere of camaraderie I would never have expected in a million years. At the end of the day, I hugged both Mama and Matt, and thanked them for the good company, good food, and awesome gifts.

I also spent the rest of my night thanking everyone online who had sent me birthday wishes. Sometimes acknowledgement is the only thing a person needs to feel good. Everyone made me feel like a ridiculously special person yesterday and, for that, I'm grateful beyond my capacity to accurately verbalise.

47, Part 1

Sep. 11th, 2014 01:50 pm
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When I was a kid, when my birthday rolled around, I was usually thrown a party with all adults, 'cos that's kind of what happens when you're an unpopular only child. But I loved them all the same, and was always thrilled and grateful for any presents. I was pretty low maintenance. When the family would ask me what I wanted for my birthday, as I got older, the answer was usually music, first in the forms of 45s and 33.3 RPMs, then later in CD format. But I was never one to really expect anything.

So yesterday happened. It got to a kind of shitty start with a visit to the doctor to find out I have some sort of mystery mass on my liver, and more tests need to be taken to discern if it's a danger. After that, though, the Mother Unit and Matt went into full-on "Let's surprise the flying fuck out of Tin for her birthday!" mode.

We got home from the doctor, and Matt came from upstairs to meet us, carrying a box wrapped in tinfoil. When I opened it, this was inside.

imagery, and more imagery! )

So I got a lot of learnin' to do, Lucy!

It wasn't over yet, though. They then took me to D.Z. Akin's so I could wallow around in the best omelette I've ever eaten - a three-egg lox and cream cheese omelette, with extra cream cheese. Holy fuck, that is so good! Of course, I couldn't eat all of it then. I still have about half of it, so it should all be gone by tonight. Seriously, if you ever get a chance to have a lox and cream cheese omelette, don't pass it up. It could be a mortal sin.

A couple of hours later, we got back to the house and I figured the rest of the day would be pretty mellow. I reached out to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, and began to play around with an upcoming scene from the Work In Progress.

I was wrong.

Matt informed me that they were going out again in an hour or so, as he was going to get his tattoo. He and the Mother Unit insisted I go along, because I was going to get a tattoo as well. What? The Mother Unit had gone the day before and gotten a howling wolf tat on her shoulder (pictures will be forthcoming, when she'll let me take one and share it). They knew about my Living Tree idea, and that I wanted a lizard on one foot and an Ankh on the other, for a final total of five tattoos. I decided to go with the lizard on my right foot, and began hunting for pictures to give the artist an idea of what I wanted. This was the lizard I decided on.

David Icke's worst nightmare )
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Today, I went to see my pain doctor, who had the results of the MRIs of my back and right knee.  It turns out I have a severely herniated disk in (I think he said) 5th lumbar.  He’s looking into getting me an epidural, as well as some restorative injections for the right knee.  The shot for the shoulder is still waiting on approval.  He gave me meds and is having me come back next week.  Also, he’s arranged to have me do aqua therapy.

I really like him.  He comes across as just a D00D.  The only time our interaction rankled me was his mention of my weight.  I quickly informed him that I had just recently been diagnosed as hypothyroidic and that I’d gained approximately 20 pounds in two months.  But since I’d been on the synthroid meds for the past two weeks, I’d lost 5 pounds.  He sorta backed off that topic when I made it rather obvious that I knew my shit and was trying to deal with it accordingly.

I took the Mother Unit to D.Z. Akins for a late lunch.  I tried out their lox and cream cheese omelette with a side of cottage cheese.  The portions where huge and wonderful, so I’ll be enjoying the meal two or three more times before it’s all gone.  The closest thing I ever got to well-made Jewish food in SC was Temple B’nai Israel’s annual bake sale, and IHOP’s cheese blintzes.  D.Z. Akins is to die for.

Screen Shot 2014-08-15 at 7.14.51 PM

Home now, and half crippled from being out for so long.  Here’s hoping sleep will be agreeable and visit me tonight.
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The day started out poorly.

I reached my hand too high on the metal door to the room where Syd and Nancy (the nesting couple) reside, and Pinky, one of their grown babies, decided to take a chunk out of my finger. I had to flick my hand to get him off, and he came off easily enough, but I bled like a sonnamabeetch. I washed my hand, and rinsed with alcohol, then lathered the wound with neosporin and bandaged it. It has settled seriously sore.

A couple of hours later, I was going down the stairs, missed a step, and tumbled downwards, smacking my bionic knee on the opposite wall. It hurt like a sonnamabeetch, but I figured HEY! It's bionic, it'll be okay.

But it just hurt more as the day went on.

So about six hours later, I asked the Mother Unit to take me to Urgent Care. By then, I didn't know what leg to limp on, so my gait can only be described as being pretty much identical to Big Birds. That's pretty damned pathetic.

The doc took x-rays and didn't see any damage done to the replacement, which was a huge relief, but he's still gonna have the radiologist give it the once-over on Monday. If anything hideous is found, he said they'd call. He sent me home with a prescription, and away we went.

We dropped off the prescription, then the Mother Unit asked if I wanted to grab a bite to eat whilst we waited for it to be filled. I'm not proud, so I said sure. We ended up going to the City Delicatessen a real live Jewish deli (even though they do serve some pork, but hey, nobody's perfect). We had potato knishes as an appetiser, the Unit had the Bronx Burger, I had cheese blintzes, and we split a piece of Boston Cream Pie the size of the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey.


As someone who has lived in an area where the only real Jewish food you could get was from the Temple B'Nai Israel when they had their annual bake sale, I was fully prepared to do some sort of glorious crippled Jewish Big Bird Bottle Dance in celebration. Maybe I can do it in a day or so, as I brought home enough leftovers to do me the next two or three meals.

The food is seriously weep-worthy, and I'll be jonesin' to go back as soon as my take-home food is gone. Holy moly, it's unreal how good it was!

One thing that happened whilst we were there was a juke box war I ended up having with this 50's-age couple who were seated a few booths away. They were hellbent on playing the most hellish songs from their booth-located juke box, and I just couldn't let it be. If memory serves, here's part of our serve/volley repertoire.

Them: "Brown Eyed Girl" by Van Morrison
Me: "Another One Bites the Dust" by Queen
Them: "Cat's in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin
Me: "That's the Way (uh-huh uh-huh) I Like It" by KC and the Sunshine Band
Them: "I'll Be There" by the Jackson Five
Me: "One Thing Leads to Another" by the Fixx
Them: "First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" by Roberta Flack
Me: "Sussudio" by Phil Collins

When they both started to groove to "Sussudio," I knew that I had won. So there, muthas!

And that's all I have to report for now.

The end.
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When I do get to sleep for any length of time, I'm having dreams of interacting with Aunt Tudi. They are so incredibly real that I have woken myself up several times in the past couple of weeks, talking to her. And, if I'm not doing that, I'm having those falling dreams that you tend to have when you're on the threshold of actual sleep, the kind that make you jerk awake. Neither are very conducive to decent sleep, and to be honest, they actually make me want to stay awake. At least when I'm awake, despite the depression, I have some semblance of control over my mind.

In other news, I ate for the first time in three days just a few hours ago. Everything tastes horrible, and I haven't really been hungry. If I keep this up, I'm either gonna be thin or dead...or both. Either or both would be fine with me.

That's the latest good news from the Cliffs of Insanity. I'm gonna end this quickly, as I have an extremely clingy cat lying in the crook of my right arm, preventing my ability to use the keyboard with any shred of success.
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I ran an experiment. I included Partridge in four tweets. He answered all four.

  1. First tweet was about my belief that radiation, even from human-created nuclear incidences, will affect the next step in evolution. Mutation is just another word for evolution. He tweeted back: Interesting theory!

  2. Second tweet was to a couple of Hooligans about the horribledays, saying I was going to drive about carolling Pagan songs by XTC He tweeted all three of us, saying: Taxis work out cheaper I find.

  3. Third tweet was my sending him the link this angry cat picture that I made. He responded with: VERY evil cat, in a planet full of evil cats.

  4. Fourth tweet was about how humanity's knowledge outshines our barely-present wisdom, and how it will result in our extinction. He tweeted back almost immediately: Knowledge without wisdom is useless

Why he's suddenly all chatty with me when he never answered the first couple of tweets I made to him when I first started following him, is beyond me. I'm not complaining, I love Andy Partridge! I'm sure anyone who reads the Cliffs already knows that. I am making a concentrated effort not to gush all over him over there. I think that, if I can refrain from doing that with B, I can certain do it with Andy Partridge. But it's thrilling to see that it seems we are of a same mind about certain things, so that makes me want to go "ohhhmygodandypartridgeiloveyousomuchweneedtodiscussphilosphyreligionandmusiccccc!" So yeah. I'm struggling. I can't help but think about what Aunt Tudi would do if she were here to see me finally make contact with Andy Partridge. She would flail right along with me, 'cos she knew how important Partridge's music has been to me since 1988.

This morning, I got up, fed the beasties, threw some clothes on and dashed out to get milk. I like to get the milk as early in the morning as possible. It's fresher and you have more of a choice as to which gallon you want. After I got the milk and gave George (the resident dog at the dairy) a treat, I went on to Ingles to get some cat food and people food.

When I passed the fish section, I spied something I had not had since 1998, when I had breakfast in a hotel in New York while I was on a business trip; LOX! Remembering the admonitions I got from [livejournal.com profile] paisley_daze and [livejournal.com profile] janalyson, I decided to get me a wee pack of it. It's not cheap; then again, no fish these days is cheap, so I may as well get something that I love. I toodled on to the dairy aisle and got me a dozen eggs. Eating that many eggs before they go out of date is going to be a challenge, but I'm going to try. If I have any left once they're not safe enough for me, I'll scramble them up and mix them with the dog's food. They're cage free organic eggs, so they last longer than the others. Thicker shells, more healthy insides. Seriously, very good and good for you. I think I got a couple other protein-y things that will last me for more than a week.

Right now, I'm eating bagels with lox and cream cheese. Delicious doesn't even begin to cover it. Here's hoping it gives me a couple of red blood cells.
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I believe a good journal entry begins with an interesting subject line, even if that subject line doesn't fully describe the body of the journal entry itself. Sometimes, you just have to make sacrifices and, since human sacrifice is generally frowned upon, I'll have to settle for an interesting, but not wholly descriptive, subject line.

Tonight, I had a Pot Noodle for supper. My tongue is still out of whack from my biting it so bad, so I'm limiting myself to soft and semi-soft foods. Pot Noodles fall under that category. This Pot Noodle, though, was entirely different from the others I've had. This one was spicy. No... it was SPICY! It was so hot, I was weeping and begging for Sweet Jesus to take me home. I ate the whole thing, though, and I feel like it has cauterized the wound on my tongue. So, maybe I should have eaten a hot Pot Noodle sooner than this, despite its horrific effects on my body and soul.

I went to the Social Security office today to speak with Ms. McNalley. I had received a letter in the mail about two weeks ago, telling me to contact the Social Security office and speak with an S. Fincher. I had to do this by 22 May, or my qualification for SSI/Medicaid may be compromised. So I began calling the same day I was in receipt of this letter, but every time I called, all I got was a voice mail for a Ms. McNalley. I would leave a message each time I called, but I never received a call back. We had to go to Spartanburg today, so I decided to swing by Social Security and talk to someone face-to-face, since it was obvious I was not going to get any joy via Ma Bell. When I was finally called to a window, I explained my dilemma to the social worker and she told me that Ms. McNalley was S. Fincher, that she had gotten married. Dude...why not change your bleeding voice mail?! The social worker asked me to wait for about thirty minutes, as Ms. McNalley was currently at lunch. So I waited and was called back about 35 minutes later.

Ms. McNalley explained to me that the letter I received was for me to call and set up an appointment to come in for my interview to see if I qualified for SSI/Medicaid benefits. For about thirty minutes, Ms. McNalley asked me question after question about my residence, car, income from outside sources (like foodstamps), and any earned income. I was brutally honest with her about everything, up to an including my earned income from mid-2009 through May-2011 - all $36.80 of it. She gave me googly eyes at that and I tittered with amusement on the inside. After the interview, Ms. McNalley processed my information and informed me that I did qualify for SSI/Medicaid retroactively to September 2009. From the way she explained it, this means that all the medical bills I've accrued during the period in question should be retroactively paid by Medicaid instead of my having to pay them out of my retroactive cheque. If that's the case, this is very good news. She also said I qualified for supplemental security income during that period and asked me if I wanted the monies directly deposited into my bank account. I'm not sure if that means I'm getting an additional payment from Social Security? ::boggles:: Not sure if this is the case, but I surely hope so.

Now for some piccies. It's just a variety of happy photies snapped over the past few months, with accompanying captions. Enjoy the snaps.

This is our nightly visitor. The opossum comes to eat some cat food each night. It will let me sit in the rocking chair about a yard away and watch it munch merrily along. I just love opossums!

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And, finally, I wanted to commit to my beloved Cliffs of Insanity a discussion that Aunt Tudi and I had earlier. Aunt Tudi was asking me about the different speeds one might have to connect to the Internet, and how they differed from one another. I came up with the following analogy.

  • Dial up = Walking in deep snow with snow shoes on. You can get around, but it's difficult and slow as hell.

  • AT&T FastAccess DSL Lite (13x faster than Dial Up) = Cross-country skiing. You're chugging along pretty well, but it's still slower than you'd like.

  • AT&T FastAccess DSL Xtreme 6.0 (100x faster than Dial Up) = Chase rocketing Chevy down the snow-covered hill on his greased-up mega-sled.

If you're unsure what my Chevy Chase reference is, click said reference above and be taken to one of the funniest scenes in a movie ever filmed.

Alrighty, that pretty much covers it. I have an important post to make after this, that needs special attention from any Texans who may read it. Stay tuned.
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After my 50-page editing extravaganza yesterday, I've been a total slacker today. I've yet to begin editing today; instead, I've watched useless TV, went to the grocery store with Aunt Tudi, and now I'm eating an American Pot Noodle and hummus while I psych myself out to grind the editing bone into action. I think I've been useless today because the weather has sucked my life force out through the top of my head. I usually enjoy the rain, but this round of precipitation has been clammy, messy, and generally unpleasant. It's not conducive to creative endeavours, including editing.

This Pot Noodle is like eating a bowl of roundworms with freeze-dried vegetables. Tasty, neh?
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Aunt Tudi and I went to Horizon to sell some CDs and books, just to be on the safe side, to stay afloat. I'm not nearly as ambivalent about selling my music as I used to be, thanks to the wonderful power of iPodery. I'm all "here's my tunes, but I still got them, la la la." Horizon is attached to a place called the Bohemian Cafe. Since Aunt Tudi and I had been out most all day, we decided to pop into the cafe for something to drink. What we found on the menu, though, almost made me have a hissy fit. In the appetizers was the house cheese platter, featuring Drunken Goat Cheese, Sage Cheese, and ... STILTON APRICOT CHEESE. I've been wanting Stilton Cheese since May of 2006. That's four years, dude, four long years. While Gene looked through what we had to sell, Aunt Tudi and I treated ourselves to the cheese platter. Even Aunt Tudi liked the Stilton Cheese. She just didn't like the sausages I guess. We immersed ourselves in cheesy goodness, garnished with crackers. Aunt Tudi drank coffee and I had an blackberry Italian soda. Heaven. Absolute heaven. If we ever have the fundage for another round at the Bohemian Cafe's cheese, we are so going back.
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David Bowie is just a genius. For someone to think up the song 'Fashion' has to be a freakin' genius.

That's not what this post is about. It's just sort of random something.

Oh oh BIG NEWS. I'm writing a Joker fanfic. I need a vacation from everything else and I did promise [livejournal.com profile] acook a Femme Joker story. Not sure how it's gonna turn out, but I'm hellbent on writing it. It's my Joker. Same Joker I've always written except for that Mister J is Miss J instead. And she's out to date the Bat. So I'm working on that.

I've 16 copies of The Chalice coming to me, all of them spoken for. I'll be taking a copy up to Malaprops for certain so that they can see they get props in the book. Hopefully, they'll order a bunch wholesale and want me to do a book signing. That'd be groovy. I'd write my 'Writers' Cabal/Vampire Division' shirt up there for the big even. Man, am I such a dreamer.

Aunt Tudi made some buttery biscuits. There's nothing like a Southern buttermilk biscuit. Nothing at all. No, my English friends, it is not a cookie. It's a wad of cooked dough that will pitch a party in your mouth, especially if you add butter and jam to it. One big biscuit is like a meal to me, so Aunt Tudi makes sure to make what she calls "The Big Mama." That was my supper.

I sure hope this Pristiq works for Aunt Tudi pretty soon. She's gonna lose it and kill me if something drastic doesn't take place. Then again, my Cymbalta really isn't working all that well, so someone killing me isn't necessarily an unpleasant thought.

Now I'm listening to a song by Dave Brubek & Louis Armstrong. The bassline in this is very important to me because it's my grandfather Irving Manheim playing the upright. He played with so many people and I wish I knew who all were graced with his funky bassline. I often wonder what happened to his bass after he died. I want to someday create a website honouring both Irving Manheim and Helen Aprea (my grandmother, who sang in the Jazz Age up until lung cancer took her voice). I mentioned doing this with the Mother Unit, but my work with the book got to be the center of my attention. Perhaps after the sales begin to slow, I can collaborate with the unit on writing the website and her putting it together.

Ah, now Danny Elfman. The theme song from 'Wanted,' which makes me think of James McAvoy. Now I can't think at all.


Aug. 10th, 2010 06:32 pm
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Little Michael has come with his ladders to pick all these peaches on the edge of my land. Since they weren't cultivated by farmers, they're volunteer trees and the peaches came without any sort of chemical enhancement. I can imagine the sweet taste on my lips right now. It's going to be utterly heavenly. Jams, preserves, pickles, cobblers, and just plain fresh peaches have been discussed with great fervour. I have to admit, this is one of the few good things about living in South Carolina. Give me a fresh peach anytime and I'm a happy camper.
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Not Peaches and Herb. That's a whole other ball game.

We had to go out and get medicine today. It took me forever to get up the gumption to actually get ready to go. I never want to go anywhere anymore. I prefer to stay at home. If I never had to leave the house again, I'd be thrilled. I'm following in the footsteps of Jeff Lynne, it would seem, embracing a very reclusive nature. I'm not really sure why I'm becoming a recluse...and I'm not sure if I really want to take that road, but it's where I'm headed.

On the way back in, I parked the car in our regular spot and Aunt Tudi asked me what that was hanging over one of our fences. I walked out only to find a volunteer peach tree, its branches sagging with the weight of hundreds of peaches. They aren't ripe yet and they're small, about the size of golf balls, but they're on my property which means peach cobbler is in my foreseeable future. Hot damn!
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I haven't proofread one damned word today. Personally, I think it may be some sort of psychological block that, once I've proofed the manuscript, the trilogy will actually be over. It's like sending your kid off to boarding school or your pet to a kennel for an extended period of time. I've lived with and loved so many of these characters for so long, I'm really not certain what I'll do without them. I guess I could write some drabbles and have Vampire short-story book, but I don't want something like that to be a detriment to the trilogy as a whole.

I could be doing the song-by-song for Barry, but I haven't the words for that yet. I still need to give the songs more of an intensive listen. Plus, he sprang an unexpected song on me just today, thus increasing the work, and this isn't even the songs that Carl is contributing. Someday, I'm gonna have to sit down with Mr. Marsh and enlighten him as to his influence on my naming my main Relics character. I think he'll be amused. He seems quite the affable sort. Martyn is the shy one. Dave is intimidating. And Barry is Barry.

Two bananas. Two bananas and some peanut butter are what I've had to eat since 5 this morning. I'd go for something more substantial, but I cannae be sussed. Every time I think of food, I go all o_0 and say "noooo thank youuu..." But I'd pinch you for some french fries right now. Chip-style on the Brighton coastline. Ohhhhh, I miss England! I could subsist on their sausages and chips until I die of artery cloggage (<---new word). I want to eat the Salmon of Knowledge avec le sauce hollaindaise. Instead, I'll drink rootbeer and think of Paul wishing he could get some. It's not fair. We should all have the opportunity to obtain the things we wish to have.

There is a kebab place down the street now. I'll have to check it out if I ever get any bloody money! The place is called Doner Kebab and it's a little kiosk set up right in front of Ingles grocery. It intrigues me because it reminds me of the food kiosks in England.

I swear, I'm more homesick for England now than I was in 2006. [livejournal.com profile] falkenna says it gets no better. I just want my writing career to take off so I can run off to the West Country and write to my heart's content. I'd be willing to make just about any sacrifice to make that happen.
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I'm going to write this in sections in the hope that I can remember all that's been going on and be able to express it in a coherent and cohesive manner. So here goes...


shake, shimmy, and roll )


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Various and Sundry, Whatnot, Bits and Bobs, This, That, and the Other, Hoo-ha, Meanderings, Murmurings, and Mumblings

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Okay, I've been working on this off and on for a goodly part of the day. I think I'm all written out. ::collapses::
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I'm not kidding.

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Thanks to everyone for all the well-wishes. That's really sweet of you.

Dr. Pilch has increased my Topamax to two a day for five days, then three a day after that. I'm taking Topamax for my migraines, but it's also a seizure medicine, so I lucked out. Ha Ha!

Aunt Tudi and I went out to dinner with Aunt Janice and Uncle Michael. Todd sent Aunt Tudi a gift card for Outback, so we went Australian this evening. I had an appetizer's before my steak: crab-stuffed shrimp. They were deeeeelicious. If I ever get to go back, I'm not getting a steak. I'm having the crab-stuffed shrimp for an appetizer and for dinner. In fact, they could just give me a big tub of that crab stuffing and let me bathe in it. It was that good and that's no lie.

I've taken all my meds now and I'm going to try to sleep. I did sleep really well last night in between the seizures, which I don't remember at all. All I remember is Aunt Tudi freaking out on me. I hate I scared her.

I adore the advert people at Geico. The caveman commercials are genius, just as stack of money with eyes, and the old guy with the gecko. The old guy/gecko advert with them in the bathroom talking about ringtones is golden. "Ring-a ding ding ding-a-dee-ding ding-e-do!" HAHAHAHA! Now they have this Mission Impossible type man asking the question "Can Geico really save you 15% or more on car insurance? Does 10 pounds of flour make a really big biscuit?" And then it shows this little boy buttering this huuuge biscuit! Omigawd, I just want to hang out with the Geico advert department. They've got to be the most hilarious folks on Earth. I love them. Wait, I'm gonna see if it's on You Tube. Yep! Here it is. Enjoy!
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On Twitter, [livejournal.com profile] filmkitty was wondering if she should be watching 'The Grapes of Wrath,' so I suggested other fruits that might bring her more joy. It got out of hand after I suggested the Melons of Lust thanks, of course, to [livejournal.com profile] gunslingaaahhh . So, without further ado, I present the Seven Deadly Sins as portrayed by Fruit and the Seven Heavenly Virtues as portrayed by Vegetables. We shall then mix it up a little with sinful junk food and heavenly whole grains.

THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS as portrayed by Fruit
  1. The Apricots of Pride
  2. The Raspberries of Envy
  3. The Tangerines of Gluttony
  4. The Melons of Lust
  5. The Grapes of Wrath
  6. The Pineapples of Avarice
  7. The Blueberries of Sloth

THE SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES as portrayed by vegetables

  1. The Rutabagas of Prudence

  2. The Radishes of Temperance

  3. The Onions of Justice

  4. The Bok Choi of Fortitude

  5. The Celery of Charity

  6. The Spinach of Hope

  7. The Potatoes of Faith

THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS as portrayed by junk foods

  1. The Cheetos of Pride

  2. The Popsicles of Envy

  3. The Dessert Bar of Gluttony

  4. The Pizza of Lust

  5. The Nachos of Wrath

  6. The Potato Chips of Avarice

  7. The Milk Duds of Sloth

THE SEVEN HEAVENLY VIRTUES as portrayed by whole grains

  1. The French Bread of Prudence

  2. The Pitas of Temperance

  3. The Matzohs of Justice

  4. The Macaroni of Fortitude

  5. The Yeast Roll of Charity

  6. The Fettuccines of Hope

  7. The Croutons of Faith

You got anything? Feel free to addeth or taketh away.
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I have days where I'm severely hungry, eating stuff like Pac-Man munching on power pellets. Earlier, Aunt Tudi sent me on a mission to buy us a rotisserie chicken. Nothing ever goes to waste when Aunt Tudi and I eat a rotisserie chicken. She likes the white meat and I prefer the dark meat. Dark meat on a rotisserie chicken is like heaven on a bone! It's tender, juicy, and it tastes divine.

When I got home with the chicken, Aunt Tudi stripped all the meat off it, designating a white meat bowl and a dark meat bowl. I grabbed the dark meat bowl and put a generous layer of chicken on a slice of butterbread, then microwaved it for 20 seconds. After that, I slapped a thick blob of Hellman's mayonnaise on the other slice of butterbread, placed that slice on the chicken slice, and pressed down hard so that the mayo would squish all through the chicken.

It was the best damned chicken sammich I've ever head. I'm gonna have to have another later on in the evening. It was so good, I felt like breaking out in song. Dunno what song I'd sing. Since chicken is involved, maybe something from Rock-a-Doodle?
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My favourite non-alcoholic beverage is Cheerwine. While at the store getting some chicken for supper, I found the most amazing thing in the ice cream section: Cheerwine Sherbet! I had to buy it, even though I couldn't really afford it. It's a cherry sherbet and it's absolutely delicious. I'm thinking about making myself a Cheerwine float with the drink and the sherbet. I expect it to be so good, my head will explode from sheer joy.
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I retired around 1 AM and, with Toby trampling me, I finally drifted off to The Chronicles of Riddick about an hour later. It was one of those nights where, even though I was sleeping, I was aware that I was asleep, just under the wire of unconsciousness, but not fully there to where I could dream or rid myself of my thoughts. And I clenched my teeth all night long. I got up about an hour ago with a low grade headache and sore teeth thanks to that. The dentist made me this plastic tooth guard to help with my clenching, but it no longer fits properly and, to be honest, I hated wearing it because it kept me from getting fully asleep, it was so weird feeling.

Today, Aunt Tudi and I are supposed to go 'round and pay the rest of our bills, but the weather is supposed to be bleak all day, so I'm gonna try to persuade her to put it off until tomorrow. I don't feel like going anywhere today and I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so we have to be out tomorrow anyway. I'm supposed to wake her up at 9:30, so we'll see then.

Speaking of Aunt Tudi, she was introduced, along with myself, to the wonderful medium of televiewing via the computer last night. Under the advisement of [livejournal.com profile] tryslora and [livejournal.com profile] penguingirl84, I sought out the 100th episode of LOST Aunt Tudi accidentally taped over yesterday, so we got to watch it online last night. I opted for the high definition since this computer is HD and we were blown away by the clarity of the picture. That got me to jonesin' for more HD goodness, so I watched a number of things on You Tube with the HD option. One of them was, of course, The Joker Blogs' "An Apple a Day." I got a screen cap of the dude right after the fork trick and made this for a larf.

this. it was for a larf. so....larf )

I swear to the Mighties, this dude tickles me silly, and he's so good at what he's doing it's scary.

It just occurred to me that I'm hungry. I want cheesy eggs. Nom nom cheesy eggs....


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